The Night Comes For Us

The Night Comes For Us


In Search of salvation, he'll make the city rain blood.

Splatter action film by Timo Tjahjanto boasts massive body count and over-the-top violence amid a Triad turf war. Reteams The Raid stars Iko Uwais (also star of Tjahjanto's Headshot) and Joe Taslim.... More

Ito (Taslim) returns home after years spent as a soulless Triad killer. There's no escaping his past though, and violence soon erupts throughout Jakarta and bringing him face to face with Arian (Uwais), a friend from his past who has also risen through the crminal underworld.Hide

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Action and horror movie lovers of a certain age will warmly remember many examples of classic extreme violence. They were the scenes that had you coming out of the cinema ecstatically yelling to your mates "what about the bit where…!" Then there was the almost mythical stuff you delighted over after somehow getting the bootleg VHS copy of the overseas version—or some decades later, the stuff you finally, finally got on imported, uncensored DVDs.... More

Here is a movie so jam-packed with moments of instantly classic extreme violence, film fans who relate to the paragraph above will be delirious by the end of it. The Night Comes for Us is an insane splatter action movie that's so over-the-top, it makes Rambo IV seem restrained.

Sure, advances in visual effects technology in the modern era mean that those classic moments of extreme violence aren't so special any more. They're much easier to achieve and much more common, but skilled filmmakers can still make your jaw drop and your eyes bulge. Timo Tjahjanto is one of them, providing a feast here of inventive, combat-driven gore that's a joy to behold.

Some of the filmmaking choices are disappointing. The pacing is a bit all over the shop and various narrative elements are either under-explained or over-explained. Also, in a film packed with this many action set pieces, some are weaker than others and they stick out like severed thumbs.

But it's impossible to look very unfavourably on a film that provides such a relentless onslaught of gratifying blood-letting. It will not fail to impress its target audience. The cringe-inducing uses of cattle bones, broken glass and craft knives to savagely injure are especially awesome. They'll probably have a lot of modern fans pausing their Netflix streams to excitedly message their mates "what about the bit where…!"Hide

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Following in the blood-spattered footsteps of Gareth Evans Indonesian action-flicks THE RAID and its sequel, director Timo Tjahjanto’s THE NIGHT COMES FOR US is a terrific, full bore violent, adrenaline-fuelled, action-fest and a fine follow-up to his co-directed previous flicks, HEADSHOT and KILLERS.

Once they kick off, the relentless, high-octane set-pieces come thick and fast, from guns and knives to Zack Lee, as White Guy Bobby, displaying a novel use for one of those metal ‘Caution:... More Wet Floor’ signs.

Sadly it suffers from a simple plot made unwieldy by a disjointed timeline, relying on flashbacks that arrive too late in the piece, but if you go in knowing simply that this is the tale of a gangster seeking redemption by saving just one innocent young life, that should be enough to get you through the set-up and into what this movie came to do – kick ass.

And kick ass it does. Full of gore, kinetic violence bordering on ballet, stunningly choreographed fights, featuring long-takes and little of the rapid-fire editing that makes so much Hollywood action indecipherable, THE NIGHT COMES FOR US is full of the type of jaw-dropping, “Did you see that?!” scenes that made THE RAID movies such breakout hits.

A dozen DIE HARDs meet every Bruce Lee fight scene on steroids, if violent, hard-core action cinema is your thing, then you’ll love what’s in store in this Netflix gem.

With fight scenes choreographed by THE RAID star Iko Uwais, and based on Tjahjanto’s graphic novel, this Indonesian Triad thriller delivers thrills, spills, and enough action to out-Wick John and up the ante on CRANK.

Stunning scenes, replete with fountains of blood and enough gore to keep horror fans happy, THE NIGHT COMES FOR US is a cracker that deserves to be seen on the big screen, and yet mote proof that Netfilx can deliver great genre fare.Hide

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  • Its gnarly, mischievous soul has more in common with Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, a film that exists solely to pelt you with relentless inventive gore and escalation. Full Review

  • Brutal, pulse-pounding, and wholly electrifying, The Night Comes For Us is undoubtedly one of the most electrifying action movies in years... Full Review

  • Timo Tjahjanto masters fist-of-fury filmmaking not only by dragging audiences into a mega-fun knockout most pit but experimenting with body-cam angles and honoring continuity. Full Review