The King's Speech

Review: The King's Speech

14 Feb 11

Play it again 2

I was disappointed with the quality of the film and said so to management...darker than dark. that aside Colin Firths acting skills AMAZING. Its true what is said "every picture tells a story"this case every expression portrayed by Colin in the dumbstruck scences told the story. You could write a chapter on the anxiety behind the face of those scenes. Helena Bonham Carter(Queen Mother) was by far the saviour for royalty, outright normal person we all know that... she was absolutely brilliant(carter)given all the wacky antics she embraces both on and off screen she never fails to please. Rush dominated every scene and I found myself watching him more. The gem for me in the movie was the line 'Timing isnt my strong suit' so serious but hilarious. They (royalty) took themselves so serious funny was a swear word. Memorial movie. Oscar yes!!