The Counselor

Review: The Counselor

07 Nov 13

Too much already but thanks...

The Counsellor 6/11/13
Well thank goodness I won these tickets. I would have hated to pay money for this move. It did have its moments. Penelope Cruz is beautiful, Cameron Diaz and a car was a wonderful scene. Pitt was Pitt. Some great humour. The baddie from sky fall and bobby sands from hunger. However these belied a movie whose plot was predictable ( nearly everyone is going to die horribly) Diaz is the ultimate baddie with her anarchy life and lack of empathy. My wife left 2/3 of the way through - too much gore and violence. I Stayed but only so I could see it all the way through. The end was a relief. I love Ridley Scott. He can create moments of great beauty. This is not his best work - some brilliance but generally left me cold and frustrated.