Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


Michael Cera is Scott Pilgrim, a young slacker and bassist for a rubbish garage band called Sex Bob-omb. He's in love with the rollerblading Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Grindhouse, Deathproof). To win her, Scott must defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends who in turn all want to kill him. These boyfriends include a skateboarder, a vegan rock star and a pair of fearsome identical twins. The fantastic cast also includes Kieran Culkin, Jason Schwartzman, Brandon Routh (Superman) and Anna Kendrick (Up In The Air).... More

This is a comic book adaptation and is Edgar Wright's third film after Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.Hide

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British director Edgar Wright has impressed so far (Shaun of the Dead was brilliant; Hot Fuzz was full-on but fun). With graphic novel adaptation Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Wright returns to the twenty-something geekery celebrated in his much-loved TV show, Spaced. You get the feeling that he’s most comfortable here, giving Michael Cera a perfect platform to perform his schtick as a sexless slacker.... More

Wright’s bold direction and visual storytelling reveals a breathtaking tour-de-force of inventiveness. Every scene, every moment of every scene, feels inspired, from Batman-type ‘pow!’ writing onscreen, to camera movement, to sound design. And it’s non-stop. This movie is not for epileptics.

This is so relentless that you almost start to dread the dramatic bits. You start to enjoy the gravy rather than the meat. The romance isn’t quite so compelling, you don’t really care which girl Scott ends up with, you’d much rather just sit back and let your eyes be dazzled and your funnybones be tickled.

It’s a cool cast, full of bit-parts from emerging comedic talent like Up in the Air’s Anna Kendrick or Funny People’s Aubrey Plaza. As for the gleeful villains, Jason Schwartzman is Rushmore’s Max Fischer with an overdose of megalomania, while Chris Evans’ comic turn as a preening action-star promises great things for next year’s Captain America.

This wacky oddity is probably less likely to draw older crowds but deserves to be seen. Colourful, contemporary and akin to cinematic candy, Scott Pilgrim is continuously funny and endlessly inventive.Hide

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BY JackWallace superstar

Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is one of the most entertaining movies ever. Perfectly paced, dazzling visuals, amazing fight choreography. Great editing and l adore the soundtrack. If you don't like this movie, there's something wrong with you. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is flawless. Grade: A+

The Film was ok but i think they expressed using points to much, just making it like a arcade game purely.....
but to be fair i liked the storyline about the several evil boyfriends.

A dazzling, infectious, innovative and hilarious rush of a movie. A smart blend of video game, comic book and action-comedy that is a truly entertaining joyride.

Scott Pilgrim, 22, loves Ramona Flowers. However, if he is to date her, he must defeat her seven evil exes. Edgar Wright delivers a two hour sonic boom of pop-culture 8-bit hipsterism, smashing every genre in its wake. The dialog is crammed full of with wit and charm. The quick-fire editing is relentlessly sublime. Every performance is delivered with immense satisfaction. The effects constantly surprise with innovation and visual trickery. The sound design, flawless. The music, exceptional. No... More other movie of 2010 had me frothing coins from the mouth in anticipation of watching it a second time ‘round. K. O.Hide

BY CSBright superstar

crap crap crap crap crap crap crap it was the gayist most horrible borinest movie ever

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  • Adorable Michael Cera with his puppydog eyes, lends Scott Pilgrim (who is actually a bit of a dick), some much needed sympathy, but he's not entirely likeable. It's true that Scott's girlfriends - past and present - are too good for him, but then, isn't that true of most relationships? Full Review

  • It’s heartfelt, hilarious and a highly satisfying adaptation of the book. You don’t have to be a geek to adore it; you just have to remember being young. But one word of caution: Hollywood, don’t try to make a hundred of these. It won’t work. Full Review

  • This is a discouragingly limp movie in which nothing is at stake. Full Review

  • This is a discouragingly limp movie in which nothing is at stake. Full Review

  • Though the fun is not so much in who wins or loses the girl - it's the playing that matters, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World definitely has game. Full Review

  • Its speedy, funny, happy-sad spirit is so infectious that the movie makes you feel at home in its world even if the landscape is, at first glance, unfamiliar. Full Review

  • Scott Pilgrim is a breathless rush of a movie that jumps off the screen, spins your head around and then stealthily works its way into your heart. Full Review

  • w00t! Edgar Wright levels up with a fun, fizzy beat-‘em-up that’s part action, part comedy and all geek. Full Review

  • With Michael Cera in the title role, twentysomethings and under will swiftly embrace this original romancer. Full Review