The Woody Allen, Scarlett Johansson, London collaboration continues, from last year’s 'Match Point', in comedy-farce 'Scoop'.

Sondra (Johansson) is an American journalism student visiting London. While attending the show of hack magician Sid Waterman (Allen), she is plucked as a volunteer from the audience. Whilst in the Sid’s magic box, Sondra is visited by a ghost – the deceased Joe Strombel (McShane). Joe is convinced that handsome aristocrat Peter Lyman (Jackman) is a serial killer. Considering this the break she’s been waiting for, Sondra enlists Sid to help her catch the killer & get the scoop.

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absolute crap. completely unfunny. dont waste your money.

Went to this for a laugh as a review sais it was a comedy NOT a couple of nice shots of Hugh's torso but not worth the$30 we paid for the two tickets. Highly un recomended

While I was aware that Woody Allen directed this flick, I had no idea that he would also be starring in it (pays to do research sometimes). If his character had been played by someone else I would have enjoyed it far more.

Scarlett Johansson and Hugh Jackman are easy to watch and the movie would have been better without Woody's bumbling attempts to be funny.

hard to not think of woody's paedophilic incestuous proclivity.THe tale is amusing very over directed and everyone onscreen is having a huge insiders joke which they dont communicate to the audience.It will end up on TV Ones Sunday theatre in about 5 years time

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  • A return to the light-hearted farce that Allen has often indulged himself with; the half-a-decent-idea movies that he trots out in and around the very good movies... Full Review

  • Allen is at his stuttering, irritating, hammy worst as the nervous, bumbling magician who poses as Sondra's dad – surely the creepiest father-figure ever given his romantic history. His hamminess also seems to infect Jackman and Johansson, who start to stutter occasionally. One gets a disturbing feeling that Allen made this film and designed the plot so he could spend time with the luscious Miss Johansson... Full Review

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