Review: Rocketman

23 May 19

Glitzy Charmer

Okay, so less of a biopic more a greatest hits. This is HIS story about what he had to overcome to become a legend. I am not a fan of musicals and neither am I an Elton fan but this flick has the heart and charm to carry it's own weight. There were villains aplenty and very few good guys on his way up the ladder to success according to Elton so a grain of salt is needed, but Taron Egerton does a sterling job and there are plenty of solid performances around him including the wonderful Jamie Bell. Lovely to look at, and well musically arranged ,this is entertaining enough for even non fans. Elton's lifestyle choices preclude this from being a movie for the young which is a shame really as the suggestion is that any little battler can win with talent, hard work and persistence. Silly specs optional.