Review: Predicament

By G
09 Aug 10


I just loved the book "Predicament"! Six years ago I read the story and it held me totally captive, just could not put it down. So when I heard that the movie was been made, I got quite excited.
Thursday 5th August, Palmerston North part of the New Zealand Film Festival, had the opening night with the movie "Predicament". They had it showing in two of the Downtowns cinemas on that night, how is that for the filmmakers? I bet they are happy about that one.
The movie "Predicament" was a magnificent experience, better than the book and the sound was superb, also the camerawork is a cool spectacle as it helps the fantastic actors to pull you right into the story, it is great to see on the big screen.
The roller coaster of laughter and shock in the movie had me entertained from the start to the end, it's one of those films that when it ends you still want more and just maybe we did get it with Tim Finn singing the song of "Predicament" when the credits are showing .
Very well done movie a must see!
AAA+ movie
Did I say I loved this movie??

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