Night At The Museum 2

Night At The Museum 2


Ben Stiller’s back amongst the relics in this anarchic fantasy comedy sequel. When the Museum Of Natural History is shut for renovations, the museum pieces are moved into storage at The Smithsonian in Washington DC – the world’s largest museum. Once again, they spring to life at night, this time including Amelia Earhart (the great Amy Adams), General Custer (Bill Haden), Albert Einstein (Eugene Levy) and Oscar the Grouch.... More

The original cast are back too - Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais. Hide

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The original was hugely popular amongst family audiences and fans of the first won’t be disappointed. This is a movie that knows how to give its existing audience what it wants, namely a glut of special effects and family-friendly laughs within your standard adventure storyline.... More

In its favour, even more so than the original, is the big name cast. Comedy luminaries such as Amy Adams, Hank Azaria and Jonah Hill to name a few are great additions and thankfully freshen up the material that veers a little too close to repeating the previous installment’s storyline. In fact, spotting cameos is one of the movie’s most enjoyable components and these bit players provide the biggest laughs. The new special effect where characters enter works of art rather gives it an added visual dimension too. The only massive weakness is a half-baked attempt at a romantic sub plot between Ben Stiller and Adams.

Most importantly, the preview screening was packed with kids who were wowed by the high tech special effects and the jokes drew laughter from viewers of all ages. That’s as solid a recommendation for family entertainment as you’re likely to get.Hide

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I liked it even better than the first one!!

The stupidity of security guard is the funnest part.

I thought that this was better than the first one! Excellent movie...very entertaining


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  • Oh, did I dislike this film. It made me squirm. Its premise is lame, its plot relentlessly predictable, its characters with personalities that would distinguish picture books. Full Review

  • With more slap than schtick, this knockabout action comedy doesn't quite have the balance between those two genres right, although the inspired appearance of a well-known black-clad asthmatic and a "vaguely grouchy" bad guy will delight both young and old. Full Review

  • It’s funnier this time, but still veers noticeably from kid-friendly slapstick to adult-friendly banter. Full Review

  • Some of that frenetic running around has been replaced by inspired effects sequences and amusing riffs by the talented cast, especially new arrivals Hank Azaria and Amy Adams. Full Review

  • Another history lesson. More of the same, and a little funnier than the original. Full Review

  • This rushed Smithsonian visit skims over laughs and excitement to cram in more museum paraphernalia and messages. Like the original but bigger and faster, it’s harmless but throwaway. Full Review

  • Much like the first film, Night at the Museum 2 isn’t going to benefit young minds like a real trip to the museum, but it certainly is a lot of fun. Full Review

  • Where the original had a vaguely tenable narrative hook (deadbeat dad finds redemption through nocturnal heroics), the new pic seems purely a vehicle for lavish visuals and cheap gags. Full Review