Millie Lies Low

Millie Lies Low

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When a would-be intern misses her big flight to New York City, she lies low in her hometown while using Instagram to convince everyone she's living the NYC dream. Stars Ana Scotney (Cousins), Alice May Connolly (This Town) and Cohen Holloway (Bellbird). More

"Anxiety-ridden Millie is on her way from Wellington to New York for an internship at a prestigious architecture firm when a moment of panic causes her to miss her flight. She doesn’t have the money for another ticket, and a deep sense of shame prevents her from fessing up to her friends and family. So instead she lies low in her hometown in order to scrounge for another ticket, while using her wits and Instagram to convince her friends, boyfriend, mum, and the world at large, that she’s successfully living the dream in NYC. With her options running out she resorts to increasingly desperate schemes as her hastily constructed facade begins to crumble." (New Zealand International Film Festival 2021)

2021Rating: CTC100 minsNew Zealand


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Screen Daily

From goofy grins to anxiety-ridden wide eyes, Scotney’s range and talent is clear: her comic timing and commitment to Millie’s mania are exemplary.

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Millie Lies Low is coming to cinemas in Australia on 08 September 2022.