The late, great Harry Dean Stanton leads this small-town tale as a 90-year-old atheist placed on a journey to find some acceptable meaning to his life.... More

Despite his smoking habit, Lucky (Stanton) has outlived all his friends. When he experiences a sudden fall, a medical reassessment reveals that his health is finally on the decline. With that grim guarantee in place, the old US Navy vet puts his foot on the path to finding his own kind of existential enlightenment.

This is the directorial feature debut of John Carroll Lynch, perhaps best known for his supporting role in 2007's Zodiac.Hide

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  • Everything Harry Dean Stanton has done in his career, and his life, has brought him to his moment of triumph... Full Review

  • No one who cares about movies and those rare actors who can elevate them into something unforgettable would dream of missing this scrappy, loving tribute to a virtuoso. Full Review

  • Actor turned director John Carroll Lynch gets out of the way of his star and lets him cast his spell one final time. Full Review

  • It feels like a gift from one outstanding character actor to another, but never one that indulges the thesp at the expense of the film. Full Review

  • What better way to end such an illustrious career than to smile in the face of death? Seems like a very Harry Dean Stanton thing to do. Full Review

  • The movie nurtures a quiet sense of mystery, content in the knowledge that neither an upbeat mind-set nor a cruel, nihilistic one can really capture the full experience of life as it's lived. Full Review

  • Recorded with discernible affection by director John Carroll Lynch, whose camera is intent on letting you know that this is a life worth lingering over. Full Review

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