Little Miss Sunshine

Review: Little Miss Sunshine

By Lily
26 Oct 06

put some sunshine in your day

This is a great film for many reasons.
Not only does it celebrate what every family experiences to some degree (a sense of abnormality), but it lets us laugh wholeheartedly at ourselves because of it. While the plot follows the typical outline of the road trip sub-genre, every other element of this little gem is fresh and cleverly crafted. The tag line for the film, ‘Everyone Pretend to be Normal’, is an apt one for this unbelievable group of misfits, who somehow all ended up in the same family, each with their own life cause which is challenged through the course of the film. What is so clever and refreshing about this film is that while it is so dark, it is a comedy, and it comes at a moment when it seems we all need a very good one. While other comedies have tried (and come close, perhaps) ‘Little Miss Sunshine’, succeeds beautifully in letting us smile at ourselves and let a laugh out for the ridiculousness of life itself, the images we try to uphold, the people we want or desperately don’t want to be, the nature of success, of failing, of winners and loosers. If there is any one film to see this year, this may just be it.