Horrible Bosses

Review: Horrible Bosses

14 Aug 11

Loved Jen but felt, like I was comparing to Hangover and Bridesmaids

Maybe I was expecting too much.

I loved Jens character to the bones, so funny. Good on a star like her, taking a risk with this character - her character was brilliant.

As was all the horrible bosses. And the three dudes.

I think I just was too eagerly awaiting the next laugh.

Plus these days comedy attempts to follow the likes of the hangover.

You got the token (LANGUAGE ALERT) douchebag character

Out of everyone else, you get a mix of likeable guys, successful guys, chick driven guys - it mixes around the depth of the (LANGUAGE ALERT)douchebag.

I find I am always comparing these movies to the hangover and find I am not laughing as hard as I expected to.

However it was hillarious at times. I think I suffered from the surmounting anticipation - the longer you wait for movies you think will be great, the more likely it doesn't meet your expectations.

My friends loved it, but they weren't expecting as much as me.

I think I should've seen it when it was initially released rather than building it up in my head overtime.