Hold the Dark

Review: Hold the Dark

03 Oct 18

Hold the phone!

Just when I was starting to think Netflix was becoming this millennium's answer to “straight to video” release, along comes Jeremy Saulnier’s follow-up to the excellent ‘Blue Ruin’ and ‘Green Room’ – and it’s darn good.

For those who loved the metaphorical allusions of Joe Carnahan’s ‘The Grey’ (and weren’t let down by a movie that was pretty far from an action revenge thriller in which Liam Neeson punches out wolves!), then ‘Hold The Dark’ is a slow-burn delight.

Best I don’t give too much away, as the plot twists and turns are part of the delight, in this beautifully lensed thriller set in the barren cold of the Alaskan wilderness.

Not to mention the most jaw-dropping machine-gunning from a high vantage point since Arnie shot at the cops in T2.

As the world-weary wolf-hunter, Jeffrey Wright is his usual understated best, and as the parents of a vanished child, Riley Keogh and Alexander Skarsgård are superb.

With a great, taut script, assured direction and a fabulous supporting cast, Saulnier’s latest thriller is all kinds of good and as strong an indication as there ever was that Netflix is far from a dumping ground for dire movies.