Review: Frankenweenie

15 Nov 12


This feature is fantastically done like 'Nightmare Before Christmas' with its beautiful animation and wonderfully (colourful *pun*) characters names. A mash of 'Edward Scissorhands', 'Nine', and perhaps ' I loved this as much as any person with a Tim Burton fetish. It mixes some old stories up an gives them a darling childlike, albeit sick and twisted, approach to the nomal adult fiction pages. Funny in parts, but he can fix that, with the little gap fillers (ie good bye kitty) you'll see them if your really watching & listening to the film. And I love Mr Wiskers and his owner!!
Genre : animation, horror/ish, comedy-ish
5/5 : stop motion just isnt used enough these days, gotta respect that, plus cool story