Finke: There & Back

Finke: There & Back

Finke: There & Back

Blood, sweat and tears shed across central Australia at the iconic Finke Desert Race in this documentary from Australian filmmaker Dylan River (Buckskin).

"The Finke Desert Race is the largest off-road motor race in the Southern Hemisphere and Australia's fastest and deadliest off-road motor sport event. The route from Alice Springs to the Finke River looks spectacular, but the track is rife with soft sand and corrugations. Finke is more than a race; it is a way of life. Director Dylan River (a competitor himself) explores the race from within: the contestants, organisers, paramedics, and the drive to win against the desert at all costs. It’s a visual adventure of inspiration and danger, excitement and spills." (Sydney Film Festival)

2018Rating: M, Coarse language90 minsAustralia
DocumentarySportFestival & Independent
Dylan River ('Finding Mawiranga', 'Buckskin')
Dylan River
Isaac Elliott

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FilmInk awe-inspiring and endearing a tale of heartbreak and the bone-shattering quest for racing glory to come down the pike in quite a while.

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