Fighting with My Family

Review: Fighting with My Family

14 Mar 19

Grapples with Holding Audience's Interest

First off - those of you expecting a Dwayne Johnson led wrestling action/comedy will be disappointed. This is not The Rock's film. He's reduced to a mere cameo, which is fine, because it leaves space in the ring for Florence Pugh's wrestler Paige - to shine. With crackles of humour littered throughout, Stephen Merchant directs a rather mainstream wrestling biopic? that never fully commits to outright comedy or hardcore Mickey Rourke. An underutilized Vince Vaughn, who basically plays Vince Vaughn with a WWE shirt on, claims one of the films most touching moments but is one of several support players who get lost in the shuffle. Despite Pugh's earnest efforts, the film never really achieves a bone- crunching smackdown.