Fantastic Four

Review: Fantastic Four

23 Aug 15

Forwarned is forarmed. Put aside your expectations.

This version of the Fantastic Four is based on Marvel's frequently retitled Ultimate Universe stories. Where a number of long-standing titles were taken back to thier beginnings. Aspects that have not aged well were reworked. Minor characters and plots parred away and the main story-lines reintroduced. This is not the FF you are familiar with.
Team Marvel-Disney have done a superb job of training the modern movie going audience to love comic book based stories. Even the minor ones i.e Antman. But this, Fox's version of the Fantastic Four IS NOT THAT FORMULA.
Marvel-Disney's formula ACTION! comedy drama. In that order. This FF movie is HORROR drama action. In that order. Not what people were expecting. Hence the general tone of confusion and resentment from the reviewers.
The well publicised clash between the director and his employers account for much of conflicting tones in this movie. Horror and comedy are often an uneasy mix. Especially when the audience is expecting laughs rather than the genuinely chilling scenes where our heroes get their powers and are unable to control them.
There were gaps in the plot. Such as; why did the guys leave Susan behind when she was an equal contributor to the project? Why is that exclusion not commented on? It would've taken no more than a single scene to address this issue.
And it's shorter than average. Which I, for one, appreciated! Trying to cover the flaws in a movie by filling it with big CGI action sequences make for a boring movie. Jupiter Ascending anyone? Also it left me on the edge of my seat looking for more. Good for the sequel.
Luckily I had noted the generally negative reviews and knew what not to expect. Also I have read some of the Ultimate Marvel Universe so I knew there would be substantial differences.
I enjoyed this movie a lot. I'm not a big fan of out right horror movies and I like it when franchises leave room for character developments in later movies. So the easing off from the house of horror tone worked for me. As did the dropping of character development in the second half. I thought it a smart move to give Victor von Doom genuine reason to mistrust authority. It gave his angry young man schitck credibility and almost made me sorry for him when he went off the deep end. The abbreviating of the learning-to-use-powers stages were fine. The basics were covered. Lets get on with the story. The special effects looked great and the young cast - while at times underutilized - had good chemistry.
You could do worse, alot worse, than go see this movie.