Easy Virtue

Easy Virtue


This period comedy romp stars the lovely Jessica Biel and Colin Firth and is directed by Aussie Stephan Elliott – best known for The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert. Based on the Noel Coward play of the same name.... More

Biel stars as sexy, outgoing American Larita who gets married to Englishman John (Ben Barnes) in France, then travels across the Channel with him to meet his parents. She finds favour with her new husband’s father (Firth). As for his cold fish of a mother, played by Kristin Scott Thomas… not so much.Hide

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Easy Virtue is the anticipated return from the director of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Stephan Elliot. Carrying on in a similar vein the film is slightly camp, no less witty and plays on the comedy of manners in English aristocracy set in an era when family life and tradition were changing at rapid speed.... More

If you’re a stickler for anything 1920s, this film won't disappoint you. The setting is exquisitely decorated with the finest of deco modernism mixed with regal English estate. The characters are no less charming. Jessica Biel is sure to win over an older and more distinguished audience with her portrayal of Larita - the bold, Amelia Earhart-esque American who sweeps the young upper class John Whittiker (Ben Barnes) off his feet. It’s nice to see Biel play a character with a bit of substance.

You can imagine how the ladies of the manor are reluctant to accept this brash American with a sordid past, the smiles are wiped right off their faces. But not for long, as Colin Firth so poignantly puts it: “You’re English dear. Fake it”!Hide

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a nice easy going film, don't expect to much let it wash over you and enjoy.

Full of repressed autocratic family appearances. Great vignettes a little light on the plot, but still worth watching. The music was great too not too overdone, just enough to make you realise the era of the movie. There is a great line where "the american" says "it takes a ... hairy chest to win the grand prix". Classic.

BY Diedi superstar

Light and lovely. Will certainly put a smile on your face.

BY Brian1 superstar

Couldnt find the 5 stars of others. A cliched story and theme, but watchable.

Loved it. Saw a preview in Australia with my Nan - but I could just have easily seen it with any one else in my family. They're selling it as a 'meet the posh in-laws' - but it's more like a story about what good things happen to you when you're true to yourself. And with laugh out loud funny bits. Nan and I talked about the ending for ages. I'm recommending it to all my friends.

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52% of critics recommend.
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  • While its tone occasionally wavers and there are some wobbly performances, this has moments of true lightness, and a welcome sense of whimsy often missing in the costume genre. Full Review

  • Jessica Biel has great fun with the American adventuress, while Kristin Scott Thomas is truly scary as her nemesis and mother-in-law. Full Review

  • Elliott has created a wonderfully rich battle for propriety in Easy Virtue. The humor might sting, but the pain is worth the pleasure. Full Review

  • In its cold-eyed assessment of the English aristocracy Easy Virtue has none of the lurking Anglophilia found in Merchant-Ivory movies. Full Review

  • Adaptation of Noel Coward play is both too clever and not clever enough. Full Review

  • It’s playful, it’s elegant, it’s fizzing with lacerating wit… after the stone-faced dreariness of The Duchess and Brideshead Revisited, it’s a welcome jolt of fresh air to see a Brit period piece you can just kick back and enjoy. Full Review

  • An effervescent entertainment that marks a welcome return for "Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" director Stephan Elliott after a nine-year absence. Full Review