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Desert Flower

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True-story drama about Somalian-born Waris Dirie (played by Liya Kebede, also a model), who became one of the world's most sought-after fashion models. Born into a family of goat-hearding nomads, Waris' path would take her from the northeast African deserts to the world's most prestigious fashion runways. Stars a raft of Britain's best, including Timothy Spall, Sally Hawkins and Craig Parkinson. More

At the height of her career, Waris revealed she was a childhood victim of genital mutilation. Her story unleashed a wave of controversey and she dedicated her life to fighting the barbaric tradition. See the Waris Dirie Foundation website for more info.

2009120 minsUK, Germany, AustriaEnglish, Somali and French with English subtitles

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