Broken (2018)

Broken (2018)


An ex-gang leader must choose between forgiveness or revenge when his daughter is murdered by an old rival gang in Kiwi filmmaker Tarry Mortlock's debut. The tale is inspired by the true New Zealand story of a young girl who was murdered by a marauding tribe in the mid 1800’s.

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BY Nominone nobody

The heavy-handed message of City Impact Church drowns out any real attempt at credibility in this cringeworthy piece of tosh. While the cinematography paints a pretty picture, this is a triumph of visual style over filmmaking substance. The dialogue and scripting is unconvincing at best. Be warned: don’t bother.

BY adeej superstar

This was a wonderful film and the fact that it was produced by a church is irrelevant. It certainly wasn’t too preachy. The vital life skill of forgiving and being forgiven is at the fire f this film and it was done powerfully. I felt the treatment of Maorudom was great too. A treasure of NZ film and a must see.

BY ownit nobody

Saw this last night. Very sneaky not to mention that the movie is made by 'City Impact Church'. Sour taste in my mouth at the end of the movie with several movie goers complaining to the cinema. Felt like a friend had invited me over for drinks only to try and get me selling Amway. Buyer beware.

BY KamaR nobody

Well produced and excellent music. This movie will get you contemplating what is important in life. Great to see New Zealand is creating such high quality art.

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