Brad's Status

Brad's Status


The success you've been searching for may be right next to you.

Ben Stiller begins regretting life decisions while on a trip with his son in this comedy co-starring Martin Sheen and Luke Wilson.... More

Brad (Stiller) is obsessed with the better fortunes of his childhood schoolmates and he is forced to confront these old acquaintances and his feelings of failure while escorting his son on an East Coast tour of colleges.Hide

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  • As he proved in his first film, Chuck and Buck, and the TV series Enlightened, White has empathy for people on outside looking in, and Brad's Status is his most naked - and grim - exploration of envy yet. Full Review

  • Starting from a single key insight into human behaviour - the natural compulsion to compare oneself to others - White has spun a funny, empathetic and surprisingly grounded comedy that itself defies obvious comparisons. Full Review

  • "Brad's Status" at its best is genuinely thought-provoking. Full Review

  • As dad obsessed with his son's college applications, Ben Stiller is at his best in Mike White's high-anxiety satire. Stiller and White: they make you laugh till it hurts. Full Review

  • Does the world need another Ben-Stiller-as-malcontent-white-man movie? When it's as sharp a satire as writer-director Mike White has made, absolutely! Full Review

  • While White might not make for an entirely convincing film-maker, his script still reveals his considerable skills as a humourist. Full Review

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