Beast (2017)

Beast (2017)


In this psychological thriller, a young woman finds herself pulled between the control of her oppressive family and the allure of a mysterious outsider who empowers her to escape them. But when he comes under suspicion for a series of brutal murders, she defends him at all costs and learns what she is capable of.

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Really strong performances, this is a complex story which twists and turns. This film will especially resonate for New Zealanders, as I think most audience members will sympathise with the "small town" claustrophobia of the setting, and the effect this has on the protagonist (who is exceptional). Very engaging film, I look forward to watching this again.

The Press Reviews

  • Jessie Buckley is a force of nature in the lead role of this sinewy psychological thriller. Full Review

  • Puts an eerily windswept island location to fine use and features an excellent lead performance from Jessie Buckley, whose open, intelligent face transmits thought and feeling with piercing clarity. Full Review

  • Upgrading a sleeping-with-the-enemy premise familiar from countless B-thrillers with a faintly mythic aura and cool psychosexual shading, "Beast" also sustains a fresh, frank feminine perspective through Jessie Buckley's remarkable lead performance. Full Review

  • Pearce, in his feature directing debut, proves himself a solid craftsman, with a gift for giving even derivative story elements a nerve-jangling tweak. Full Review

  • Aided and abetted by Benjamin Kracun's alluringly sensual cinematography, Mr. Pearce has created a feverish fairy tale riven with dark horrors and forbidden desires. Full Review

  • A strong debut from director Michael Pearce, with a gripping performance by newcomer Jessie Buckley. So much more than just another serial-killer movie. Full Review