Apollo 11

Apollo 11


Todd Douglas Miller's critically lauded look back at the Apollo 11 moon landing mission led by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.... More

"It's all here – from the colossal rocket rolling to the launch pad at Florida's Cape Canaveral, to the rows of white-shirted men with black ties watching monitors. And from Armstrong's immortal words, to the tense return to land. The director, in partnership with NASA and America's National Archives, sifted through roughly 11,000 hours of uncatalogued materials. By using long-forgotten, often large format, footage, and commentary from the era, the film puts us right into the action, and conveys a thrilling picture of how it was experienced at the time by astronauts, technicians, onlookers and the media." (Sydney Film Festival)Hide

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Stunning on the big screen, this documentary uses archival footage to build a riveting inside look at NASA’s Moon landing. Narration and techno-talk are jettisoned in favour communications between Ground Control and the astronauts.

Featuring a fabulous wealth of rare footage and audio unearthed and restored to jaw-dropping splendour, it may not be the first documentary on the Apollo mission, but it succeeds in conveying the enormity and near-impossible scale of the achievement.

Using... More split-screen, period animation and footage shot from multiple viewpoints (backed by a cool electronic score), it may annoy some for not getting into the science and tech, and spending too little time on the moon, but unless you’re a flat-earther or Moon-landing denier, it’s hard not to feel the awe.Hide

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  • Much of the footage in Apollo 11 is, by virtue of both access and proper preservation, utterly breathtaking. Full Review

  • The result is a stirring companion piece to Damien Chazelle's recent "First Man," and one no less worth seeing on the big screen when Neon releases it in theaters worldwide. Full Review

  • This meticulously conceived documentary is both a definitive account of the voyage as well as a creative, cinematic you-are-there unfolding of the events that transpired. Full Review

  • While there are legitimate criticisms of America's space program, it's hard to argue with a film that defers so humbly to the primary source material. Full Review

  • Apollo 11 will bring you to tears - it's a reminder of national functionality, of making the big dream happen without ego or divisiveness. Full Review

  • "Apollo 11" is a cool, meticulous, at times enthralling documentary that captures the Apollo 11 flight in its entirety through raw footage drawn from the NASA vaults. Full Review