After Earth

Review: After Earth

14 Jun 13

Personality is a choice

This twist-less Shyamalan sci-fi is not bad. It's not good either, but it's not bad. In fact, I'll be damned if I could elicit any reaction to this film given how incredibly lacking it was in any sort of emotion.

The dystopia Earth - which could have used more dyspothathy (sp?) IMHO - is really just a backdrop for this father-and-son story which, for whatever reason, does not feature the actual father and son bonding onscreen for the majority of the film. Perhaps their alternate 'intercom' relationship could have worked if Will Smith's interpretation of the ideal father wasn't a stoic watermelon of impenetrable apathy. With the sternness of a bowling pin, I never felt a parental connection between him and his son.

Not that Jaden Smith's character helps the cause. Whenever he's told not to do something, he does it, and when sh*t goes wrong, he cries out for his daddy, screaming how he doesn't want to be here. To be fair, Jaden's quite convincing in that role, but maybe that's because he REALLY doesn't want to be on this production. If that's the case, inspiration came easily.
He also falls asleep in narcoleptic quantities.

But hey, the visuals aren't half bad and the conception of the universe holds some interesting idea, including smartfibre suits that changes colour (but aren't thermo insulated). There's also space chopsticks.