A Good Year

A Good Year


Director Ridley Scott and and star Russell Crowe team up again, after the Oscar winning Gladiator... More

Max Skinner (Crowe), a focused, highly successful English businessman, inherits a vineyard in Provence from a forgotten but beloved uncle. So he takes a break from his city routine to visit the place, with the intention of selling it as soon as possible. Skinner's time in the beautiful country side, dealings with locals, and his hitching up with an American woman, sees him reevaluate life's priorities.Hide

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  • BBC

    A wish-fulfilment fantasy aimed squarely at middle-aged men, A Good Year might be forgiveable if it wasn't so perilously short on jokes... Full Review

  • The Merlot to "Sideways" Pinot, this is one of those middling movies that, while never terrible, also never really impresses... Full Review

  • Forget that this is a film about a man's epiphany about what's important in life, and enjoy it for its lighthearted moments, slapstick comedy, but most of all its divine locations. For those who dream about retiring to the French countryside, this film will have you drooling... Full Review

  • Ridley Scott's A Good Year is a bonbon made by a mechanic, a well-intentioned diversion put together by someone who clumsily adds the right ingredients in the wrong proportions at the wrong time. But sometimes, if you get the sugar level close to right, you can do OK, and A Good Year offers some pretty basic pleasures that movies often fail to give us these days... Full Review

  • You sense in every frame the strain to be lighthearted. Consequently, "A Good Year" is at times downright clumsy. You know what the filmmakers are trying to achieve and see the labor going into the attempt, but for them to fall so short is unsettling... Full Review

  • A simple repast consisting of sometimes strained slapsticky comedy, a sweet romance and a life lesson learned, this little picnic doesn't amount to much but goes down easily enough... Full Review

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