A Dangerous Method

Review: A Dangerous Method

10 May 12

Extract from Theaterofthecommonman

Extract from Theaterofthecommonman.com

Many will argue with my conjecture that film makers such as Cronenberg walk a fine line between mastery and ineptitude. On the one hand you have a man who has remained true to vision, a true auteur by definition, on the other the hand his warped stance on existence means that often the audience is left wondering one or two things, firstly what the F*ck is going on and hang on wait, but... huh?. For the average viewer of average intellect such as me, this all culminates in an alienation of sorts, I'm generally confused as to why someone would go out of their way to unhinge me and not even have the decency to try and leave me fulfilled.

And unfulfilled is exactly how I felt tonight as I watched his latest 'film' A Dangerous Method. This effort is the most perplexing yet, not only does he attempt to remain relatively linear, but he does so in one of the most blatantly half-baked films ive seen this year, remember I've seen Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill.

A Dangerous Method, proceeds to outline the true stories of Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) Sabina Spielrein (Keira Knightly) and Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen) all of whom were pioneers in their respective fields of psychoanalytics. Whilst working in a psychiatric hospital in Zurich, Carl Jung encounter's a most peculiar patient by the name of Sabina Spielrein whom has been admitted with a common case of hysteria. Jung determines that Sabina is the perfect case to attempt one of Freud's untested methods of treatment. This gives him cause to meet and consult with great Freud over the progress of her treatment, although as their relationship builds their different core beliefs are exposed to one another leading to a tumultuous relationship.

I guess after the last two golden years of Michael Fassbender's career I was curious to see what direction he would take with Cronenberg. Sadly it was as expected, only Cronenberg could rip a man from the peek of his popularity down to humdrum vanity. I'm so un inspired i cannot even bring myself to compliment the very vivid and proficient photography, meh. Knightly's better than average outing was all that saved A Dangerous Method from getting a coveted 1 star, Needless to say A Dangerous Method wasn't my bag.