The Take finale: the best of streaming for your self-isolation

Faced with tumultuous changes in the cinema landscape, this will be the final episode of The Take – at least for now. In it we focus on the best streaming titles to watch in self-isolation and say goodbye to some old pals.

Episode breakdown

First, host Blake Howard and critic Craig Mathieson discuss the very best of streaming as the public increasingly embrace self-isolation and social distancing. Then Blake talks to The Take: Mandalorian co-pilot Lindsey Romain to thank her for being such a massive part of the show.

Finally, this season’s best and unfairest guest Stu Coote pops on to help me say goodbye and to ask for back pay for appearances.

This podcast stars

Blake Howard (follow Blake on Twitter)
Craig Mathieson (follow Craig on Twitter)
Lindsey Romain (follow Lindsey on Twitter)
Stu Coote (follow Stu on Twitter)

Further reading

How Rey from STAR WARS Can Help Us Stay Calm by Lindsey Romain
Binge-r #181: Giri/Haji + Spenser Confidential by Craig Mathieson


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