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Dramatisation of Oscar-winning producer Al Ruddy’s never before revealed experiences of making the iconic 1972 film The Godfather that Francis... More

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The Offer: Miniseries is available to stream in Australia now... More on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Paramount+.

The Offer: Miniseries episodes

Episode 1.1

Episode 1

After ditching his job at the Rand Corporation for a... More shot in Hollywood, Al Ruddy wins the job to produce Mario Puzo’s bestselling novel, “The Godfather” for Paramount Pictures. Joe Colombo, a rising crime boss in the New York City Mafia, has a darker fate in mind for the picture.

Episode 1.2

Episode 2

With Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo penning the script,... More Al Ruddy and Bettye McCartt confront an ever-growing list of opposition to “The Godfather” including Frank Sinatra, LA Gangster Mickey Cohen, and the Colombo led Italian-American Civil Rights League. Meanwhile, Robert Evans and Gulf & Western’s Barry Lapidus lock horns over the creative direction of Paramount Pictures.

Episode 1.3

Episode 3

Pressure mounts for the scripts’ delivery after Ruddy is forced... More to sit down with Joe Colombo and Evans finds himself navigating hot waters with Gulf & Western’s CEO Charlie Bluhdorn. Meanwhile, Bluhdorn takes an interest in Bettye.

Episode 1.4

Episode 4

With Marlon Brando and Al Pacino in contention for leading... More roles in “The Godfather,” Ruddy is caught in the line of fire between Evans and Coppola and must pick a side. After gaining Joe Colombo’s support, Ruddy gets an uncomfortable glimpse of his new friend’s loyalty. The rising stakes surrounding “The Godfather” continues to strain Ruddy’s relationship with Francoise.


Kiss the Ring

Ruddy and Bettye combat logistical nightmares with principal photography quickly... More approaching. As the Mob continues to ingrain itself in the making of the film, tensions rise between Colombo and notorious hot head Crazy Joe Gallo.


Episode 6

Ruddy deals with the fallout from the disastrous press conference... More while Evans creates a plan to save Paramount. Bettye takes action as the first day of filming is compromised due to collisions with Gulf & Western, Paramount, and the Mafia.


Episode 7

Dissatisfied with the footage, Barry Lapidus orchestrates a potential coup... More as Ruddy initiates a bold plan to save both Coppola's and Pacino’s jobs. Crime boss Carlo Gambino questions Colombo’s leadership as he holds another large Italian-American Civil Rights League rally.


Episode 8

In the bloody aftermath of the Italian-American Civil Rights League... More rally, Gallo threatens “The Godfather’s” production budget as Ruddy struggles to protect the funding for Sicily. Evans continues to spiral after the breakup of his marriage with Ali MacGraw, allowing Barry Lapidus to capitalize.


Episode 9

As the production contends with the challenges of filming in... More Sicily, Ruddy leaves early to help get Evans back on track. Post-production disputes with Lapidus threaten Coppola’s vision for the edit and Bettye starts to think about her next move.


Episode 10

“The Godfather” is released to rave reviews and box office... More records. Drama unfolds at the 45th Academy Awards.

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