Stuntwoman Zoe Bell kicks quarantine’s arse in star-studded ‘Boss Bitch Fight Challenge’

Remember that somewhat cloying video of incredibly rich Hollywood actors singing “Imagine” into their phone screens, as if that would remind us not to be sad about the coronavirus? As well intentioned as it was, that celebrity effort would’ve been greatly improved if each of the big names had stopped singing and just kicked each other in the face.

If that sounds harsh, don’t worry! I’m merely referring to stunt legend Zoë Bell’s far superior star-studded video montage, the ‘BOSS BITCH FIGHT CHALLENGE’. It’s a truly joyful and diverting use of famous people acting goofy alongside incredibly talented stunt performers doing their thing, and it’ll kind of remind you what celebrities are good for.

Bell begins the video by whingeing about missing out on ‘playing with [her] friends’, before setting off a glorious five minute long montage of said friends (action starlets, screen legends and some of the industry’s most capable stunt performers) getting knocked backwards over couches, kicked into swimming pools, headbutted, and more.

The cameos range from the silly (Tracie Thom and Florence Pugh making sure they’re nice and boozed up before hitting back) to the fangirl-worthy (Daryl Hannah wears her Kill Bill eyepatch, with the film’s score playing in the background!). Most of all, though, the physical presence and ability of some of these ladies just confirms that there should be a Best Stunt category at the Oscars! Skip to 2:46 to check out Ming Qiu’s stuntwork with a mere broom and try not to be intimidated.

It’s funny, it’s cool, and, despite the fact that most of these people are flailing around in huge houses that invariably feature Olympic-sized pools, the video never feels patronising in a way the “Imagine” video did. A big thumbs up to Zoë Bell and the team of Boss Bitches for literally kicking self-isolation boredom in the arse!