How to watch Maxton Hall: The World Between Us season 1 in Australia

It seems high school romance is the same the world over, if this smash-hit new German series is anything to go by. The show reportedly experienced the most popular launch of any foreign Prime Original series to date

How to watch Maxton Hall: The World Between Us in Australia

All six episodes of  Maxton Hall: The World Between Us season 1 are now streaming in Australia exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. And fans will be chuffed to know that season 2 has officially been greenlit.

What is Maxton Hall: The World Between Us about?

Based on the hugely popular YA novel Save Me penned by German author Mona Kasten, Maxton Hall: The World Between Us is set in the titular elite private school and focuses on the star-crossed romance between anointed scion James Beaufort (popular, sporty, heir to a fashion house and a bit of a douche at first glance) and poor but driven scholarship kid Ruby Bell (smart, preppy, wants to go to Oxford and possessed of a dim view of spoilt nepo babies).

Under normal circumstances these two would rarely, if ever, cross paths, but after Ruby learns a scandalous secret about James’ sister Claire, they’re unexpectedly thrown together. Will sparks fly? Will we see the blossoming of a love that transcends (but is still troubled by) class barriers? Will they each learn and grow as people? You already know the answer to that.

The cast of Maxton Hall: The World Between Us

Harriet Herbig-Matten is Ruby Bell; Damian Hardung (The Name of the Rose) is James Beaufort; Sonja Weißer is Lydia Beaufort; and Andrea Guo, Justus Riesner, Fedja van Huêt, Ben Felipe, Govinda Gabriel Cholleti, Runa Greiner, Martin Neuhaus, Julia-Maria Köhler, Clelia Sarto, and Eidin Jalali round out the ensemble cast.

Maxton Hall: The World Between Us trailer

Why we’re excited about Maxton Hall: The World Between Us

Maxton Hall: The World Between Us might run a little heavy on the teen romantic dramedy tropes, but it topped Amazon’s charts in 120 countries when it dropped, so it must be doing something right. And while we’ve had some banging German series in recent years (Babylon Berlin comes immediately to mind) we can’t recall the last time we saw a romance in the Rhineland, so that’s got us curious. The show also generated an absolute tonne of social media videos, one report claiming that TikTok users posted more than 100 million videos about it.