Animated fantasy voyage Pil’s Adventure is now screening in Australia

Another addition to the mighty fantasy canon of magical orphans, French animated heroine Pil is ready to storm Australian screens.

She’s the protagonist of Pil’s Adventures, arriving in cinemas across Australia on June 2. With her three trained weasels, a new motley crew who may become her found family, and a rockin’ combo of a mohawk and a mullet, she may become your kid’s favourite new hero.

In the medieval city of Foggyburgh, Pil wanders the streets alone—until she’s mistaken for a royal, and sent on a quest for a mystical antidote. You see, the heir to the throne has been transformed into a “chickat”—half chicken, half cat—by the evil sorceror Tristain. Catch a glimpse of this sorry critter in the trailer below, clucking and purring at once.

“I’m the only one that can save the kingdom”, Pil brags, sent off on her quest with a clumsy guard and a court jester who speaks with the sock puppet on his hand. One of her cutest foes is Tristain’s steed, which looks to be a French bulldog with dragon wings. Dawww.

None of the voice actors are big names or anything, and director Julien Fournet is otherwise only known for a cute French kids series set in a jungle. That may be refreshing for your own clan of weaselly medieval adventurers, who can enjoy an escapist fantasy world with a different style to the usual Dreamworks and Pixar offerings.

Pil’s Adventures looks like a lovely diverting time for families looking to fill some time on the weekend—especially any young ones who love reading stories of knights and princesses. In this case, the knight, princess, orphan and thief are all rolled into one adorable main character.