Cryptically described as a contemporary sci-fi action thriller "set within the architecture of the mind", this is director Christopher Nolan's follow-up to smash-hit The Dark Knight.... More

Leonardo DiCaprio is Dom Cobb, an expert in "subconscious security". He's a high-tech agent who steals ideas from his targets while they sleep, manoeuvring through their complex and surreal dreamscapes. Cobb's rare ability has made him both a coveted player in the world of corporate espionage, and an international fugitive. Now Cobb is offered one last job and the chance to get his life back. Instead of the perfect heist, Cobb and his team of specialists have to pull off the reverse: not steal an idea but to plant one.

His wife is played by Marion Cotillard, and Ellen Page is his intern sidekick. Joining them are Nolan regulars Michael Caine, Cillian Murphy and Ken Watanabe. The film was shot around the globe, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris and London.Hide

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Christopher Nolan’s work has proved him an adept puzzle-maker here and world-builder there, talents that may not always lend themselves to box office success. Several times over now though, they have kept Hollywood’s tills ringing, and now with Inception Nolan has fused those various elements together for their maximum impact to date. There’s a bigger victory beyond that of the film’s financiers and creators to consider as well, a giant win for audiences and the degree to which filmmakers can respect their intelligence.

It’s hard to think of a denser or more complex blockbuster than Inception, especially one that so consistently refuses to abate from challenging those who watch it. From the opening frames it is a dizzying rollercoaster that relentlessly manipulates one’s senses, intellect, and emotions, not letting up for some two and a half hours.

Nolan’s team of collaborators overachieve throughout, be they cast members (DiCaprio grabbing his tragic character by the scruff of his neck, Juno’s Ellen Page surprisingly comfortable playing at this level, and Toms Hardy and Berenger great in supporting roles), Hans Zimmer and Johnny Marr’s work on the intense and incessant score, or longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister.

Basically, Inception’s pretty damn-near perfect and demands to be seen before you hear too much about it. This isn’t a film to be discussed so much as experienced, and while it certainly doesn’t require a repeat viewing to comprehend, I’m going back a second time very, very soon.

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Movies are like dreams. INCEPTION plays with the dream theory, spinning illusion assuredly as the director's pevious THE PRESTIGE. Wonderful soundtrack, editing, effects and cinematography and a great cast (including the great Tom Hardy). One that benefits from repeated viewing. Yes, it's easy to pastiche (see SOUTH PARK's brilliant "It's like a taco wrapped in a taco.. in a taco") or COLLEGE HUMOR's pastiche online ("Inception actors don't understand Inception") - but then... More parody is the insincerest form of flattery, right?Hide

This movie is brilliant. Visually amazing and a great story. Have heard people say that it is hard to follow, but if you pay attention, you will keep up just fine.

I will say that the dvd release is disappointing. Given the interesting way that the movie was made, it would have been awesome for the standard dvd to include much more behind-the-scenes stuff.

My teenage kids & I watched it & loved the special effects but that was all. Story line was like a dog's breakfast, all over the place. Most comments here centre around not being intelligent enough to appreciate it. Well, I'm a high school teacher & my teenage kids attend Uni achieving regular high grades so you so called intellectual people go & suck eggs.

You must be intelligent and prepared to concentrate hard on this one! Its story line is confusing and far fetched but I still loved it surprisingly. Room for a sequel??

Awsome movie! must see

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  • Inception does a difficult thing. It is wholly original, cut from new cloth, and yet structured with action movie basics so it feels like it makes more sense than (quite possibly) it does. Full Review

  • This film gave me a bit of a headache, but oddly, not in a bad way. It was from concentrating so hard not to miss anything while trying to take it all in. Full Review

  • Sometime in the near future, some clever clog has invented the device that will let us share our dreams with other people, or more sinisterly, to invade those of someone else. Full Review

  • Like The Matrix mated with Synecdoche, New York — or a Charlie Kaufman 007. To paraphrase Casino Royale’s Vesper Lynd, it’s a meaningful pursuit in a summer of disposable entertainments. With physics-defying, thunderous action, heart-wringing emotion and an astonishing performance from DiCaprio, Nolan delivers another true original: welcome to an undiscovered country. Full Review

  • In a summer of remakes, reboots and sequels comes Inception, easily the most original movie idea in ages. Full Review

  • A tremendously exciting science-fiction thriller that's as disturbing as it sounds. This is a popular entertainment with a knockout punch so intense and unnerving it'll have you worrying if it's safe to close your eyes at night. Full Review

  • Though there is a lot to see in Inception, there is nothing that counts as genuine vision. Mr. Nolan’s idea of the mind is too literal, too logical, too rule-bound to allow the full measure of madness -- the risk of real confusion, of delirium, of ineffable ambiguity -- that this subject requires. Full Review

  • Nolan shifts the goalposts in a high-concept hybrid that fuses existential sci-fi and Bondian mayhem into one captivating whole. But you may just end up craving a little more human connection. Full Review

  • If Inception is a metaphysical puzzle, it's also a metaphorical one: It's hard not to draw connections between Cobb's dream-weaving and Nolan's filmmaking -- an activity devoted to constructing a simulacrum of reality, intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave a lasting impression. Mission accomplished. Full Review