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Detective Robin Griffin has returned to Sydney in an attempt to rebuild her life. When the unidentified body of an... More

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Top of the Lake: China Girl - Season 2 is... More available to stream in Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Top of the Lake: China Girl - Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

China Girl

Detective Robin Griffin is newly back in Sydney, haunted by... More the baby she had as a teenager and partnered with an eager new recruit, Miranda. When a body in a suitcase washes up on Bondi Beach, Robin is determined to take the case.

Episode 2.2

The Loved One

Armed with the fact that China Girl was pregnant, Robin... More launches into the investigation, including inside Sydney's sex industry. The meeting with her daughter's parents veers off the rails and puts contacting Mary at risk.

Episode 2.3


Robin is galvanised by her theory that China Girl is... More a surrogate and ignores the threat of Al Parker’s imminent case against her. Mary accuses Robin of being manipulated by Pyke and Julia into believing Alexander is dangerous.

Episode 2.4


There's a breakthrough in the case when Robin interviews Silk... More 41 regular Brett who suspects that China Girl is his ‘Girlfriend Experience’. Puss tests Mary’s love with a surprise for her 18th birthday celebration.


Who's Your Daddy?

Robin finds a surprising love, but as Puss puts another... More arm of his audacious plan in place and suspicion grows around Silk 41, her fears for Mary escalate. Then Miranda drops a bombshell that brings her closer to the dead girl.


The Battle of the Mothers

Robin and Pyke are desperate to find out if hostage... More Mary is alive, while Adrian struggles to make sense of the crime scene at Silk 41. As dawn breaks, the gunman is on the loose in Bondi and the beach is about to be flooded with people.

Top of the Lake: China Girl - Season 2 | Ratings & Reviews

"The mystery may move from the top of the lake to the depths of the ocean, but the tension, turmoil and totally addictive drama remain the same..."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Complex and daring..."

"It's a potent, and at times deeply poetic, concoction."


"It's time to admit: this is Elisabeth Moss' world and we're just living in it."

New Zealand HeraldNew Zealand Herald

"As beautiful and soul-stirring as anything you'll see on any kind of screen this year."


"Top of the Lake suggests the worst union between a run-of-the-mill network crime show and the rigid symbolism of Jane Campion's filmography."

Slant MagazineSlant Magazine

"Campion, Lee, and Moss have joined together to craft a shattering piece of storytelling; one that is entirely unique and painfully necessary."

Little White LiesLittle White Lies

"Elisabeth Moss is totally mesmerising, again..."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"This is why Top of the Lake is so singularly impactful and moving; Campion has an emotional comprehension that seems to effortlessly translate on screen and produce truly remarkable stories."


"It’s unlikely, depressing, bitter and instantly addictive."

Daily MailDaily Mail

"With the faults of the first season magnified, China Girl is probably more of an interesting failure than an outright mess — but not by much."

Village VoiceVillage Voice

"The emotions of the standard crime procedural are revenge, regret and obligation, but China Girl operates a deeper, primal level, and it is the psychological stakes that drive these incomplete people forward."

The AgeThe Age

"A terrific, combative performance from Nicole Kidman..."

The TimesThe Times

"I admire something this unafraid to risk. Something this rocky and defensive. And I wonder if anything on television has come closer to capturing an age of crude opposition."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

"An exquisite sequel..."

USA TodayUSA Today

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