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While visiting her dying mother in New Zealand, Detective Robin Griffin begins investigating the disappearance of Tui Mitcham, a 12-year-old... More

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Top of the Lake: Season 1 is available to stream... More in Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store.

Top of the Lake: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Paradise Sold

In a breathtaking but remote mountain town in South Island,... More New Zealand, a twelve year-old girl named Tui is discovered to be pregnant. Local police enlist help from Detective Robin Griffin, a child protection specialist who has recently returned to the area to care for her mother.

Episode 1.2

Searchers Search

As Tui's disappearance remains unsolved, fear for her survival increases,... More while her father solicits help, Robin has a run-in with the girl's half-brother and a perverted local.

Episode 1.3

The Edge of the Universe

Robin makes a breakthrough in her investigation, but Al warns... More that her own dark past is colouring her judgement.

Episode 1.4

A Rainbow Above Us

A violent indiscretion sees Robin thrown off the case but... More she cannot let go. Her passionate affair with Johnno, Tui's half-brother, intensifies and complicates.


The Dark Creator

Robin is back on the case, whilst Matt gathers troops... More to hunt his daughter down. Tui's friends trek deep into the mountains to celebrate her birthday, with tragic consequences.


No Goodbyes Thanks

With fresh intelligence on where Tui’s hiding, Matt launches a... More full-scale search party. Before Robin can intervene, tragedy strikes.


Top of the Lake

Tui is about to give birth. Matt reveals a secret... More that almost destroys Robin. The investigation reaches its shocking conclusion.

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