The Tunnel: Season 2 - Sabotage

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The plot follows detectives Karl Roebuck and Elise Wasserman working together to find a serial killer who left the upper-half... More

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The Tunnel: Season 2 - Sabotage is available to stream... More in Australia now on Google TV and ABC iView and Binge and SBS On Demand and Acorn and AMC+ channel on Prime and AMC+ and Acorn channel on Prime.

The Tunnel: Season 2 - Sabotage episodes

Episode 2.1

Episode 1

Elise Wasserman and Karl Roebuck investigate when a couple are... More abducted from the Channel Tunnel in front of their young daughter. Events take a dramatic turn when a plane crashes into the Channel.

Episode 2.2

Episode 2

The hunt for Madeleine becomes a matter of international urgency... More but Elise's investigation slows as she is forced to keep new evidence from Karl. Further links between the abduction and plane clash are discovered.

Episode 2.3

Episode 3

As the investigation continues and terrorists plan a further attack... More in France, a man comes forward with links to Robert. Elise uncovers disturbing facts about Eryka's past and Karl follows a hunch.

Episode 2.4

Episode 4

Karl and Elise receive a tip-off from a woman they... More believe knows Robert Fournier's whereabouts. But can she be trusted?


Episode 5

An unexpected revelation threatens to turn Karl's life upside-down. Meanwhile,... More Eryka reaches out to Elise and Rosa offers the team a cryptic clue.


Episode 6

An anonymous package gives Karl his biggest breakthrough in the... More case yet. Plus, the investigating team receive a clear and violent warning.


Episode 7

The team are forced to strike a deal with Vanessa.... More Meanwhile, someone tries to warn Karl off the case and Elise crosses a line she may quickly come to regret.


Episode 8

A lethal attack is launched and Elise and Karl's lives... More are thrown into jeopardy as the second series of the gripping crime drama ends in a nail-biting showdown.

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