The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 2

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Four young women discover college life isn't exactly what they thought it would be in this comedy series from Emmy... More

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The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 2 is available... More to stream in Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Foxtel and Binge.

The Sex Lives of College Girls: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Winter Is Coming

As they come to terms with their new status on... More campus, Bela creates an all-female humor magazine, Whitney copes with the off-season, and Kimberly tries to find money with Leighton's unexpected help.

Episode 2.2

Frat Problems

Bela and Leighton organize a fundraiser to help Zeta so... More they can get back to their parties. Kimberly tries to find collateral for her loan and Whitney feels threatened by Canaan's new partner.

Episode 2.3

The Short King

While Leighton enjoys the perks of being out, Bela focuses... More on a short king. Whitney attempts to expand her horizons with a difficult class, and Kimberly considers a new fix for her money problems.

Episode 2.4

Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Bela scrambles to expand The Foxy's reach ahead of its... More release. Jackson invites Kimberly to a study session. Canaan asks Whitney to be his girlfriend… but she already thought they were dating. Leighton gets called out.


Taking Shots

Leighton helps Kimberly administer her hormone injections. Whitney considers how... More to handle being repeatedly mistaken for the only other Black girl in class. Bela clashes with her Catullan replacement.



Bela seizes an opportunity when a late-night comic visits campus.... More Kimberly attempts to prove she hasn't been “med-zoned” by Jackson. Whitney fights to contribute to a group assignment. Leighton pursues a junior… who reminds her of herself.


The Essex College Food Workers Strike

Leighton grapples with "dating up" for the first time. Kimberly... More appeals to an unlikely source for help with the food workers' strike. Whitney sets out to crush her final lab. Bela's faces blowback from a misstep.


Pre-Frosh Weekend

For Pre-Frosh Weekend, Bela hosts her nerdy childhood friend Priya,... More who's had a surprise glow-up. Leighton prepares to come out to her dad. Kimberly seeks commonalities with Jackson, while Whitney finds chemistry with her lab partner.


Sex & Basketball

Whitney and Andrew attempt to bring their chemistry into the... More real world. Bela over-curates The Foxy’s big spotlight. Kimberly accompanies Canaan to the Econ department’s awards banquet. Leighton visits the women’s center – and Alicia.


The Rooming Lottery

When Leighton is elected Kappa’s campus social chair, the roommates... More must figure out what sophomore year will look like.

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