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Two siblings - one a former professional dancer, the other an aspiring actor - live in the cold shadow of... More

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The Other Two: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Google Play and Apple TV Store and Binge and Paramount+.

The Other Two: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


13-year-old Chase Dreams becomes a famous singer overnight; meanwhile, his... More two older siblings, Brooke and Cary, do not.

Episode 1.2

Chase Goes to a Premiere

Chase, now a social media influencer, is invited to attend... More the movie premiere for "When in Gnome"; Brooke and Cary, who are not influencers of any kind, tag along.

Episode 1.3

Chase Gets a Girlfriend

Chase collaborates with another up-and-coming singer, forcing Brooke and Cary... More to confront their own relationships.

Episode 1.4

Chase Gets the Gays

Chase releases a beautiful, socially progressive music video that is... More very much about Cary; Brooke begins her new life as her little brother's personal assistant.


Chase Goes to a High School Dance

Chase goes to a school dance with a fan; Brooke... More and Cary accompany him and try to have the high school experiences they never had as teens.


Chase Shoots a Music Video

Chase shoots a new music video that is borderline disgusting;... More Brooke confronts her past as a professional dancer; and Cary takes a big swing and debuts a new look to advance his career.


Chase Gets a Nosebleed

Brooke finds that it's hard to date with a famous... More brother; Cary tries to befriend a group of Instagays to help his chances of getting a part in a new Ryan Murphy miniseries.


Chase Turns Fourteen

Streeter throws Chase a 14th birthday party at a wildly... More inappropriate club; Brooke and Cary each reconnect with a guy from their past; Pat takes molly with a girl named Mona.


Chase Drops His First Album

Chase throws an album release party on a plane, and... More a devastating family secret is accidentally exposed on the live stream.


Chase Performs at the VMAs

Chase performs live for the first time ever, and Brooke... More and Cary get life-changing news.

The Other Two: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

"While the punchlines of The Other Two only erratically tickled my funny bone, there are things here that some viewers will find nonstop hilarious. ... Even if I was frequently annoyed by the show's needless underlining or topping of its own jokes, there was enough I was enjoying to keep going along with the show, and enough that I was enjoying in the serialized story it was telling."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Comedy Central’s new show keeps itself timely by not relying on clichés to sell the absurdity of the situation. Instead, it relies on the wit of its writers to prove why this show, out of all shows, can handle it."


"It is not a new subject for a television show. But The Other Two, the ten-episode Comedy Central series that debuts Thursday, is so funny and comes at this territory from such a different side street, that it manages to feel like something entirely fresh."


"The Other Two proves itself a worthy companion. It’s raucously sex-positive and delightfully weird, but underlying is a love of the very culture it’s mocking. It’s exactly the comedy that’s needed now: funny, feel-good, and forgiving of humanity."


"Mostly, though, The Other Two is determined to define the siblings by their age bracket, and amounts to yet another portrait of underachieving, navel-gazing ‘80s babies."

Slant MagazineSlant Magazine

"The Other Two doesn’t actually make many mistakes in its short and delightful first season, as it holds a mirror up to our celebrity-saturated culture while also making us admit that sometimes we deride it only because we aren’t a part of it."


"While the premise is plenty clever, it's the writing -- courtesy of former "SNL" head writers Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider, who created the show -- that consistently generates laughs..."


"With its blend of biting showbiz commentary and earned emotional moments, The Other Two is a goofy gem, a modern-day fable about the healing power of other people’s fame."

Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

"TV’s first can’t-miss comedy of 2019."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

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