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A young woman new to New York City infiltrates the lives of her rich neighbours in this period drama from... More

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The Gilded Age: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Paramount+ and Paramount+ channel on Prime.

The Gilded Age: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Never The New

1882. After the death of her father and accompanied by... More Peggy Scott, Marian Brook travels to New York to live with her aristocratic aunts, Agnes van Rhijn and Ada Brook. Meanwhile, determined to break into society, ruthless tycoon George Russell and his ambitious wife Bertha move their family into a lavish mansion across the street and prepare to throw their first soirée.

Episode 1.2

Money Isn't Everything

Tom Raikes’ visit to New York delights Marian but worries... More aunt Agnes. An increasingly desperate Peggy seeks legal advice from Mr. Raikes, George takes steps to further his latest business plans, Oscar van Rhijn homes in on young Gladys Russell, and a charity bazaar becomes the source of a dramatic stand after Bertha is slighted.

Episode 1.3

Face the Music

An unfortunate development finds George’s new rail station under threat.... More Despite Agnes’ warnings, Marian continues to see Mr. Raikes, who lays his ambitions bare. Peggy learns that a publisher is interested in her stories. At a talk given by Clara Barton, Ada reunites with a childhood friend. Oscar grows attached to his plan, while Jack invites Bridget to a show.

Episode 1.4

A Long Ladder

In the aftermath of a tragedy, George makes a deal... More to help Bertha. Peggy gets an assignment from publisher T. Thomas Fortune, but a dinner with her parents ends on a sour note. Marian learns more about the mysterious Mrs. Chamberlain. Bannister's visit to the Russell house has a lasting impact on the staff. Bridget shares her dark secret with Mrs. Bauer.


Charity Has Two Functions

George and Bertha extend an invite to a young man... More who's piqued Gladys' interest. After charming Mr. McAllister, Bertha accompanies Marian and Aurora to hear Clara Barton speak in Dansville. There, Peggy works on her article and shares the story of her first love with Marian, whose interest in Mr. Raikes continues to grow. Oscar crosses paths with a vengeful Turner.


Heads Have Rolled for Less

Bertha goes all out at a luncheon to impress Mr.... More McAllister, enlisting the help of Bannister — who rubs Church the wrong way. George fights to protect his public image, while Agnes’ status quo is disrupted. As Marian debates her feelings, Mrs. Chamberlain makes her an offer. Gladys bonds with a new friend. Armstrong intensifies her campaign against Peggy.


Irresistible Change

As the city buzzes over Edison’s electricity demonstration, Bertha plans... More a picnic that involves Mr. Raikes — but not Marian. Agnes entreats her niece to protect the family’s reputation. George prepares for a legal battle as he bristles over Larry’s career ambitions. Bannister plots his revenge. Turner gets an unwelcome surprise.


Tucked Up in Newport

During her first visit to Newport, Bertha follows Mr. McCallister’s... More lead but is soon reminded of her place. Oscar’s pursuit of Gladys is threatened by a familiar presence. George gets his day in court. Worried about Armstrong’s interference, Peggy reveals her past. Marian makes a decision about her romantic future. Bridget follows Jack across the city.


Let the Tournament Begin

As Marian prepares to embark on a new adventure, Ada... More and Aurora rush to stop her before it's too late. With Gladys' debut ball fast approaching, the clash between Bertha and Mrs. Astor has consequences for all of New York society. The discovery of a shocking letter changes everything for Peggy. Baudin lays out his double life.

The Gilded Age: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

The costumes are opulent and the sets dazzling in Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes' period drama about the conflict between new money and old money in late 1800s New York.

"The Gilded Age struggles in one area - dialogue - but excels in enough others to keep viewers of the right cast of mind engaged."


"The Gilded Age would be well served by a little more... sauciness..."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"A pretty, muddled diversion..."


"(The Gilded Age) has all the escapist charm of the historic costume drama blended with the savage energy of most evening soaps."


"This is not some sharp turn in Fellowes' creative output. But there is something intriguing about this examination of old and new money."


"Now it seems that, like so many of his characters, Fellowes is struggling to keep pace with progress."

Time MagazineTime Magazine

"It is a show where the stakes can feel terribly small, even though the acting and production values are fabulous enough to conceal the problem..."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"With The Gilded Age, (Fellowes) abandons jolly old England for the American frontier, and the results are as dazzling as they are dangerously familiar."

"We know who these people are. They're clichés -- not unpleasant but wholly unsurprising."

Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal

"The Gilded Age establishes itself as a title wholly independent of any that might have come before — provided viewers are willing to wade through the filler..."


"Like Fellowes’ other period dramas, The Gilded Age has zip. It’s not stuffy or fusty. It feels effortlessly modern..."

San Francisco ChronicleSan Francisco Chronicle

"Not unlike enjoying a warm fireplace with witty friends."


"The Golden Age rings hollow."


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