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In this sci-fi series produced by Ridley Scott (who also directs the opening episodes), two androids are tasked with raising... More

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Raised by Wolves: Season 1 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Foxtel and Binge.

Raised by Wolves: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Raised by Wolves

After Earth is rendered uninhabitable, Androids start a new settlement... More and family with human embryos on the planet Kepler-22b. Twelve years later, only one child, Campion, remains, and the arrival of an Ark of surviving humans called the Mithraic presents a threat.

Episode 1.2


After a confrontation with Marcus, Mother discovers and takes five... More Mithraic children (Hunter, Tempest, Paul, Holly and Vita) back to her settlement. 

Episode 1.3

Virtual Faith

After the Mithraic kids fall sick, Campion believes Mother is... More poisoning them and plans an escape.

Episode 1.4

Nature's Course

Father tries to teach the children how to hunt some... More of Kepler-22b’s mysterious creatures for food. 


Infected Memory

Marcus moves forward with a plan to rescue the Mithraic... More children, but first he has to find them. Back at the settlement, Campion and Paul bond while on a hunting expedition with Father, and Mother attempts to learn more about her origins.


Lost Paradise

After rekindling her connection to her creator, Mother finds herself... More distracted by intense feelings she didn’t know she was capable of having, unaware that Marcus, Sue and the Mithraic are closing in on the settlement.



Marcus’s decisions stress his relationship to his family as he... More struggles to maintain his clout as leader of the Mithraic. Mother is able to see Marcus for who he truly is, which threatens his power and puts Mother in a precarious situation she might not recover from.



As Marcus continues to embrace his Mithraic devotion, Sue worries... More he may no longer have her and Paul’s best interests at heart. Meanwhile, Mother experiences what she believes to be malfunctions, and Hunter works on a secret project with Father.



Sue is determined to keep the children safe, and in... More doing so, struggles with whether or not she can trust Mother. Meanwhile, a new threat arises and an increasingly erratic Marcus causes the Mithraic to question their leader.


The Beginning

Paul begins displaying troubling behavior not unlike that of Marcus,... More leading to a shocking discovery. Father struggles with human-like emotions. Mother and Father discover a startling secret about the planet they’re on, just as a new threat arrives on Kepler-22b.

Raised by Wolves: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

Ridley Scott-produced sci-fi series has a top-tier aesthetic and intriguing storyline as it follows children raised by androids on an alien planet after Earth's devastation. Yes, there's milky android blood...

"Raised by Wolves might be the year's most original series, an audaciously cerebral science-fiction concept that covers so much ground in the premiere it's hard to imagine where the show can ultimately go."


"The series struggles to fill its time with meaningful development, and far too quickly abandons its frank nature for time-hopping twists and unfulfilling jargon. Worst of all, after the big, lavish spectacle seen in the first few episodes, “Raised by Wolves” ends up feeling small."


"The sheer ambition of "Raised By Wolves" and the brand-name visionary behind it may be enough to claim a portion of the audience's fascination for these 10 episodes. Certainly it was enough to draw my interest, and certainly it was a disappointment to struggle to connect with this series over the course of its first six episodes."


"Shreds of mythological insight remain few and far between, keeping the world of “Raised by Wolves” perpetually out of reach. Perhaps most damning is the how basic the characters themselves are."


"It's more than possible that the momentum of that first episode might be enough to carry some viewers — fans of evasive-yet-ponderous hard sci-fi — through the series. I found the next five episodes a study in diminishing returns..."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"The show as a whole doesn’t really start to click by episode three. For all of the world-building that it does, and the way it tinkers with android character-building, "Raised by Wolves" struggles to fully grab you aside from getting you acclimated to its dry, heady idea of the future."


"I’ve seen six episodes, and worry that the momentum drags. This is the kind of show where two sides fight, and then spend half a season preparing to fight again. The eccentric performances are intriguing, though."

Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

"A provocation. And an utterly absorbing one. The storyline is involved, but keeps a viewer off-balance in a good way. It looks great."

Wall Street JournalWall Street Journal

"It is a show that pulls you in with its eccentricity, holds you captive with unpredictability, but leaves you unsure of your own thoughts."

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