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Dafne Keen, Kit Connor and Lin-Manuel Miranda return for the second season of BBC/HBO's sci-fi adventure series based on Philip Pullman's... More

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His Dark Materials: Season 2 is available to stream in... More Australia now on Apple TV Store and Foxtel and Binge.

His Dark Materials: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

The City of Magpies

Lyra and Will find themselves in a strange new place.... More The Magisterium take action as Mrs Coulter interrogates a suspected heretic witch, and Lee Scoresby embarks on a mission.

Episode 2.2

The Cave

Lyra crosses into Will's world, and they set off to... More find answers about Dust. Will is shocked to discover he has grandparents, but quickly realises he can’t trust them.

Episode 2.3


Lyra ignores the alethiometer, with dangerous consequences for her and... More Will. Lee Scoresby’s search for Grumman brings an unlikely ally, and the witches seek answers.

Episode 2.4

Tower of the Angels

In search of the knife, Will and Lyra try to... More gain entry into the Torre Degli Angeli. Lee finds Grumman - or Jopari, as he is now known - and they take to the sky in search of the knife bearer.


The Scholar

Will and Lyra plan to steal the alethiometer from Boreal... More but are set back by an unforeseen guest. MacPhail takes decisive action, and Mary takes a leap of faith.



Lyra and Will find allies who can help them in... More their search for Will’s father. The Magisterium learn something shocking, and Mrs Coulter meets a formidable foe.



As all paths converge on Cittàgazze, Lee is determined to... More fulfil his quest, whatever the cost. Mrs Coulter’s question is answered, and Will takes on his father’s mantle.

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