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ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and... More

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ER: Season 8 episodes

Episode 8.1

Four Corners

Weaver returns to the emergency room after a self-imposed sabbatical... More of three weeks, wondering how her newfound lesbian identity will affect her workplace relationships. Having purposely allowed a mass murderer to die, Greene must keep the secret amidst the scrutiny of his superiors.

Episode 8.2

The Longer You Stay

Carter is overwhelmed by patients from a rock concert riot.... More Benton's former girlfriend is killed in a car accident. Newly promoted to chief resident, Chen panics and misdiagnoses a patient. Kovac angers Abby by flirting with a waitress.

Episode 8.3

Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Greene's daughter comes to live with him and Corday. Carter... More and Abby become more intimate. Chen must prove her skills while saving a baby. Weaver terminates Malucci after witnessing him having sex in an ambulance.

Episode 8.4

Never Say Never

Dr. Susan Lewis arrives, looking for work in the Chicago... More area again. Greene hires her, over Weaver's objection. Chen nervously attends a risk management review, accompanied by the unforgiving Weaver, to discuss a patient who recently died under Chen's supervision.


Start All Over Again

Lewis faces a hectic first day back at County General.... More Benton and Roger become frantic when they can't locate Reese. Carter's grandmother is brought to the emergency room. Carter and Abby deal with inept medical students.


Supplies and Demands

Corday's ordeal, caused by the recent infection-related deaths of several... More of her patients, worsens when she is closely observed by a stern taskmaster. Corday is outraged when a county investigator accuses her of deliberately euthanizing the patients, who all happened to be elderly.


If I Should Fall from Grace

A new medical student, Michael Gallant, arrives in the ER.... More He's supposed to be working under Dr. Carter's supervision but his grandmother is unwell. Elizabeth Corday is convinced that other doctors are refusing to work with as a result of the mysterious deaths.


Partly Cloudy, Chance of Rain

When a torrential rainstorm pounds Chicago, patients deluge the emergency... More room while Weaver speeds to an accident site. There, she finds a pregnant woman, Vicki lying injured inside a wrecked ambulance while live power lines spark. Fourth-year student Michael Gallant makes a dangerous decision in order to help.


Quo Vadis?

Peter Benton continues his court fight against Reese's stepfather, Roger,... More who seems to have the upper hand. When a woman is accidentally shot during a gas station robbery, Dr. Corday tries to convince the husband to let them harvest her organs. A 15 year old boxer is brought in with a head trauma after sparring with his older brother. Newlyweds are having trouble when she constantly breaks out in a rash; Carter thinks he knows the cause.


I'll Be Home for Christmas

Benton commits perjury on the witness stand in order to... More gain custody of Reese. When Romano refuses to give him a more even schedule, Peter resigns and seeks a job at the clinic where Cleo is newly employed. Benton is granted custody of Reese and he and Cleo decide to move to the suburbs together. Meanwhile, Carter's father visits for Christmas with the news that he's getting divorced, Weaver and Sandy Lopez finally go on a date, and Abby catches Nicole in the maternity ward, recovering from an abortion.


Beyond Repair

Abby helps a distraught boy whose mother died of a... More stroke; a man with schizophrenia, who once stabbed Carter and killed a doctor checks into the ER.


A River in Egypt

An injured and condemned murderer wants to die in the... More ER rather than await execution; Abby advises a neighbor to seek shelter from her abusive husband.


Damage Is Done

An accidental overdose brings Drs. Green and Corday's baby into... More the ER.


A Simple Twist of Fate

Greene confronts Corday when she orders Rachel out of their... More home; Abby tries to protect a battered neighbor who refuses to press charges against her husband.


It's All in Your Head

After Dr. Corday moves out, Dr. Green fights loneliness and... More pain by immersing himself into his work. Dr. Chen discovers that a comatose teen is ready to give birth.


Secrets and Lies

After some staff members are caught going through a dominatrix's... More bag, Weaver makes them attend a sexual harassment seminar, where they learn about each other.



Drs. Corday and Greene are awkward when working together in... More the ER. Dr. Weaver treats victims of an intense fire that may take the life of a dear friend.


Orion in the Sky

As Dr. Greene's brain tumor begins affecting his coordination, he... More becomes concerned that his fate will be similar to the terminally ill patients he treats.


Brothers and Sisters

When Dr. Lewis gets a hysterical call from her niece,... More Susie, she hurries to New York to search for the child and her sister Chloe. The crossover continues on Third Watch S03E19 Unleashed


The Letter

Dr. Carter reads a letter from terminally ill Dr. Green... More to the ER staff. Dr. Weaver lashes out at a mentally challenged patient. A terminal, homeless man continues asking for Dr. Green.


On the Beach

Dr. Greene's final days are spent in Hawaii with Rachel,... More teaching her to drive and surf. When he suffers a seizure, Elizabeth is called. Mark refuses to go home. He manages to make amends with his daughter before his eventual death.



Just when the ER is understaffed and swamped, two children... More who were brought in turn out to have full blown smallpox. The entire ER must be locked down. The staff needs to improvise while they battle not only the disease but also frayed tempers.

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