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ER explores the inner workings of an urban teaching hospital and the critical issues faced by the dedicated physicians and... More

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ER: Season 7 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Google TV and Apple TV Store.

ER: Season 7 episodes

Episode 7.1


Dr. Carter struggles with his drug dependency; a custodial strike... More leaves the ER cluttered with garbage; a riot at a high-school football game leaves several wounded.

Episode 7.2

Sand and Water

A young couple cope with their baby being premature; Greene... More and Corday struggle with their relationship.

Episode 7.3

Mars Attacks

Dr. Carter is allowed a cautious restart with small steps.... More An extremely blond Dr. Malucci is very curious who's made Dr. Chen pregnant. Dr. Benton has been written out of all the hospital's systems and is stunned by Dr. Romano. An unfortunate incident at a Science Fiction convention makes it look like scenes from the movie 'Mars Attacks'.

Episode 7.4

Benton Backwards

Benton is unable to find a job after Romano negatively... More influences local hospitals. He reluctantly agrees to accept Romano's demeaning offer of a per diem job at County with no benefits. Kovac and Abby are attacked by a mugger with a steel pipe. Injured, Kovac protects Abby and smashes the robber's head on the ground repeatedly.


Flight of Fancy

Greene flies in a helicopter to a remote area of... More Indiana to rescue a heart transplant patient. The helicopter develops problems, and Greene arranges for paramedics to transport the patient to County. Because Weaver is gone for the day, Romano appoints Benton in charge of the ER. Kovac is plagued by the death of the mugger.


The Visit

Corday rushes through a surgical procedure in order to take... More off on a romantic weekend with Greene. She is later called back to the hospital after her patient suffers complications. Abby's mother, Maggie, who suffers from bipolar disorder (manic-depressive) and refuses to take her medication, unexpectedly visits Abby at the hospital and wreaks havoc on Abby's life.


Rescue Me

Tests reveal that Greene has a brain tumor, but he... More hides the news from Corday. Corday finds out that she is being sued for malpractice. She also reveals to Greene that she is pregnant. Abby's mother refuses to leave. Abby expresses resentment over her difficult childhood to her mother but resignedly brings her home for Thanksgiving dinner.


The Dance We Do

Maggie's emotional instability worsens. She refuses her medication, becomes combative... More and flees the hospital. Abby finds solace with Kovac. The gang member girlfriend of Benton's deceased nephew knows who killed the dead boy who was hated for his antigang stance.


The Greatest of Gifts

Chen gives birth, but insists on breastfeeding the infant before... More she gives it to the adoptive parents. Greene and Corday consult a brain specialist in New York City who believes the tumor can be safely removed. Stressed and tired, Carter impulsively swallows two painkiller pills but intentionally vomits them. He confesses to Abby.


Piece of Mind

Mark Green is in New York on New Years Eve... More for cancer surgery. Meanwhile a father and son are involved in a car crash.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Benton and Cleo clash over his deceased nephew's girlfriend. They... More finally agree to call a social worker. Benton confesses his love to Cleo. The spinal surgery malpractice suit is settled by employing a technicality: the equipment used was later recalled by the manufacturer. But Corday now doubts her abilities as a surgeon.



Greene returns to work but confuses words and displays uncharacteristic... More anger. Eager to get out of his per diem situation, Benton agrees to a full time position. Carter visits his cousin, who became paralyzed after a drug overdose. A workplace disaster results in numerous injuries and fatalities among illegal immigrants.


Thy Will Be Done

Weaver becomes concerned about Greene's cognitive skills and surreptitiously calls... More for an official evaluation of his competency. Corday plans her wedding to Greene. Bishop Stewart returns, and Kovacs realizes the man has a terrible disease. Dateless for a charity function, Carter invites Abby to attend with him.


A Walk in the Woods

As the new director of diversity, Benton studies medical school... More applications and discovers that his own academic record did not qualify him--he was admitted because of affirmative action. Weaver feels uncomfortable amongst Legaspi's lesbian friends. Carter treats an unvaccinated child who contracted measles.


The Crossing

In the series' 150th episode, a massive train wreck mobilizes... More the emergency room doctors. Corday, Carter and Kovac rush to the scene. Corday falls and injures her back, bringing on contractions in only her 25th week of pregnancy. While amputating the legs of a fallen firefighter, Corday stops because of her pain.


Witch Hunt

Weaver fears for her own reputation when Legaspi is accused... More of sexual harassment. Afraid to reveal her relationship with Legaspi--for both personal and professional reasons--Weaver fails to support her during the investigation. An infant is abducted from the hospital and later found on a train platform.


Survival of the Fittest

A demented patient causes a shootout in the emergency room.... More After terrorizing people in the ER with a gun, she gets shot by a policeman. She soon dies. Benton later discover her dementia was caused by an aftereffect of his surgery that he and Cleo should have detected. Carter pursues a cute intern.


April Showers

Numerous mishaps threaten to mar Corday and Greene's wedding day.... More As the very pregnant Corday becomes increasingly agitated, the presence of her bickering divorced parents does little to improve her mood. With the intense rain, Greene has a difficult time making it to the church. But, evenutally, he arrives and they joyfully wed.


Sailing Away

Abby and Carter travel to Oklahoma to rescue Abby's mentally... More ill mother and bring her back to Chicago. In Chicago, Maggie suffers from a sleeping pills overdose. At County General, Kovac frantically revives her. Benton treats a college student injured in a fraternity prank.


Fear of Commitment

Maggie contests Abby's attempt to institutionalize her. Weaver treats a... More few bizarre patients. When Legaspi returns to work after being exonerated of sexual harassment, Weaver tries to reconcile with her. Benton injures his hand while transporting his former teacher to the hospital and must contend with the teacher's wisecracking elderly buddies.


Where the Heart Is

Cleo and Carla clash after Reese gets hurt while in... More Cleo's care. Weaver and Kovac cannot save the life of a developmentally challenged woman's only caregiver. Abby goes to a therapy session with Maggie. Later, Abby confesses to Maggie that she is afraid to bear children because they might be bipolar like her mother.



The ER is flooded with foster care home residents, attacked... More by a shooter bent on tracking down his son, who , with the help of Dr. Green, was put into the foster care system amid allegations he was being abused by his father.

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