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The DC Universe's Doom Patrol are a group of super-powered misfits who were gifted their abilities after suffering horrible accidents.... More

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Doom Patrol: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia... More now on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Foxtel and Binge.

Doom Patrol: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1


The reluctant heroes of the Doom Patrol – Robotman, Negative... More Man, Elasti-Woman and Crazy Jane face the threat of Mr. Nobody, who’s after The Chief.

Episode 1.2

Donkey Patrol

Following Mr. Nobody’s capture of The Chief, the Doom Patrol... More investigate the mysterious albino donkey and discover it’s a door to another universe, where Mr. Nobody is in control.

Episode 1.3

Puppet Patrol

The Doom Patrol set out for Paraguay where they discover... More the Nazi doctor who created Mr. Nobody and the connection between The Chief and the two villains.

Episode 1.4

Cult Patrol

Willoughby Kipling conscripts the Doom Patrol into helping him avert... More the end of the world by stopping a nihilistic cult.


Paw Patrol

With the Apocalypse in full swing, the Doom Patrol must... More work with an unlikely ally – and a very special pug – to stop the end of the world.


Doom Patrol Patrol

Jane, Larry and Rita visit a school where the original... More Doom Patrol has retired. Meanwhile, Cliff & Vic bond over their mutual “father issues.”


Therapy Patrol

After a violent outburst from Cliff, the team engages in... More some self-led group therapy – leading to some growth within the group as they are knit closer together.


Danny Patrol

A sentient, gender-queer, teleporting street named Danny who’s being hunted... More by the secret Bureau of Normalcy needs help from Niles – but gets Vic and Larry instead.


Jane Patrol

Jane retreats into The Underground, a treacherous place deep within... More her own mindspace, where she encounters her many personas and dark traumas of her past.


Hair Patrol

Vic and Rita face a dangerous man called The Beard... More Hunter, who’s been activated by the Bureau of Normalcy to find Niles Caulder.


Frances Patrol

While Larry pays a visit to his long-lost love, Cliff... More and Rita travel to Gator Country to reconnect with his daughter. Vic worries about his operating system.


Cyborg Patrol

With Vic captured and held at the Ant Farm, his... More father hatches a plan with the rest of the Doom Patrol to break him out. Naturally, things go awry.


Flex Patrol

The Doom Patrol tries to restore the memories and abilities... More of Flex Mentallo, while Rita confronts her self-doubt and Larry realizes how tied he is to the Negative Spirit.


Penultimate Patrol

The Doom Patrol enter the Nobodyverse to save the Chief.


Ezekiel Patrol

The Doom Patrol go their separate ways in the season... More finale.

Doom Patrol: Season 1 | Ratings & Reviews

"Doom Patrol is, in fact, utterly immature and that's its proud brand. I don't know if I'd permanently watch a show built on that foundation in which I don't care about the stakes. Here, it's at least an interesting start."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Dressing up the standard superteam tropes with this kind of metafictional framework could get old fast. But a show that gives you a donkey who spells out messages in big green clouds of flatulence gets at least one more week from me."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"This offbeat superhero tale is a refreshingly twisted tale accentuated by the unlikely casting of Fraser and Dalton."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"The show is absurdly watchable. Bananas, yes, but enjoyably bananas."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

"The series is refreshingly self-aware, both in the hilarious meta narration by Alan Tudyk... and in its more fundamental understanding that if you make a show about these characters, you'd best come weird or not come at all."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"It has a wickedly dark sense of humor but also a clear desire to explore the humanity of these misanthropic outcasts. Doom Patrol is the breath of fresh air the superhero TV landscape sorely needed."


"Coupled with the synthesization of Bomer and Zuk's performances - each with their own strengths and gravity - Doom Patrol breathes new life in a genre that in recent years has felt calcified."


"I dare any other show try and make its audience care this much about every minor character while also making them laugh at the sight of a man that's part vegetable, part mineral, and part velociraptor."


"The show seems to be trying to recapture the magic Morrison brought to these characters... you don't just want someone to adapt Grant Morrison. You want someone to be Grant Morrison, to do to superhero television what Morrison was did to superhero comic."

Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly

"Politically incorrect, psychedelic and utterly berserk."

Film ThreatFilm Threat

"The fun thing about Doom Patrol is that none of them are meant to be superheroes - nor do they want to be (with the exception of Cyborg). Sometimes the underdog story can be played out, but that definitely isn't the case with this series."

Slash FilmSlash Film

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