Carnivale: Season 2

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In Season 2, the final war between good and evil looms as Ben and Brother Justin continue their hunt for... More

Where to watch Carnivale: Season 2

Carnivale: Season 2 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Google TV and Apple TV Store and Foxtel and Binge.

Carnivale: Season 2 episodes

Episode 2.1

Los Moscos

The Dust Bowl circus troupe deals with the fallout from... More a fatal fire and, in California, Brother Justin reaches new converts on the radio. Lila wonders what happened to Lodz. Ben takes off to find Scudder.

Episode 2.2

Alamogordo, NM

The troupe sends out search parties when a distraught Sofie... More goes missing. Justin and Iris welcome a new housekeeper. Samson accuses Stumpy of skimming. Ben visits an old acquaintance of Scudder's in New Mexico.

Episode 2.3

Ingram, TX

Dolan continues his quest to get to the bottom of... More the Ministry arson. Gabriel gets into the act with Ruthie, who experiences another supernatural vision. Ben happens upon some distant relatives.

Episode 2.4

Old Cherry Blossom Road

Lila hasn't given up trying to find out what happened... More to the missing Lodz. Iris begs her brother not to harbor so many secrets. Jones finds new work for Sofie. Balthus sees another display of Justin's power.


Creed, OK

After a conversation with Ruthie, Sofie reaches out to Ben;... More Stumpy wagers on an important fight. Dolan puts pressure on Justin, who sees things in a new light after receiving a mysterious gift. Stroud's quest to find Ben continues.


The Road to Damascus

Samson runs into an old acquaintance when the troupe crosses... More paths with another carnival. Rita Sue's business decisions give Stumpy fits. Justin and Iris struggle with a tough sermon. Libby's honor is in need of defense.


Damascus, NE

Stroud is closing in on Ben, who pays a visit... More to a run-down hotel. Justin and Iris pacify a bishop with a good meal. Sabina shares her secrets with Libby; the troupe is concerned about Sofie. Jones gets a favor from Libby.


Outskirts, Damascus, NE

A local politician receives Iris and Justin's support. Ruthie tries... More to hide from her visions. Rita Sue takes charge of Stumpy's debt. Smith sees trouble for Justin. Sofie gets new work. Libby has shocking news for her parents.


Lincoln Highway, UT

Ruthie's latest vision leaves evidence behind. Lila hasn't given up... More her search for the missing Lodz. Eleanor goes on a picnic with Iris. Justin's powers calm a chaotic gathering.


Cheyenne, WY

Justin has help avoiding a disaster. Iris locates another branch... More of her family tree. Stroud tries a strength-in-numbers approach. Libby is cowed by her mother's authority. Ruthie pays another late-night visit to Lila.


Outside New Canaan

Lila voices her opposition to Samson's itinerary for the troupe.... More Justin's baptism of the faithful coincides with another tragedy and a startling event in the migrant camp. Libby pleads with Jones to reveal his secret. Sofie sees a familiar face.


New Canaan, CA

Samson tries to stay a step ahead of impending chaos.... More Stroud does his best to protect Justin. Ben's powers face the ultimate test.

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