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The almighty Jeff Daniels leads this miniseries as an Atlanta real estate mogul who faces sudden bankruptcy and tries to... More

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A Man in Full: Miniseries is available to stream in... More Australia now on Netflix.

A Man in Full: Miniseries episodes

Episode 1.1


On the heels of a lavish birthday blowout, Charlie suddenly... More finds his business empire in jeopardy as those around him contend with crises of their own.

Episode 1.2

The Big Squash

Charlie races to entice a potential investor. Roger devotes his... More attention to his first criminal case. Raymond tries to flip a setback into a settlement.

Episode 1.3

The Takedown

A shocking spectacle breeds tensions at Turpmtine. Roger's aspirations to... More help Conrad take a hit. At a charity gala, old acquaintances reconnect.

Episode 1.4

Tick Tick

Conrad adjusts to his new reality. Raymond takes a huge... More gamble. Charlie finds strength after surgery only to be reminded of his ongoing financial woes.


Push Comes to Shove

With his options dwindling, Charlie considers taking a dubious deal.... More Conrad's bail hangs in the balance. Raymond's manipulative game loses momentum.


Judgment Day

Roger demands justice at Conrad's trial. Raymond exploits his enemy's... More weakness. After a stunning press conference, Charlie fights to protect his own.

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Monstrously enjoyable
The tone of this monstrously enjoyable show, filled with shit-eating snarls and bad men butting horns, is “there’s blood in the water, and somebody’s gonna get eaten.” Read full article
Luke Buckmaster

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