The Lost King

108 mins
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Two-time Oscar nominees Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water), Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge) and director Stephen Frears (The Queen) join... More

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The Lost King | Ratings & Reviews

"Breezy, enjoyable and very watchable..."


"It’s a fascinating story but the resulting film insists on a kooky relatability that isn’t really there. A misfire."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"A historical detective story that carries the kick of a true-life Da Vinci Code."


"The Lost King (tries) too hard to be a broad comedy and broad social commentary; eventually being neither."


"An engaging journey by a master filmmaker..."

Film ThreatFilm Threat

"The bar it needed to reach was "Perfectly charming," and that's where it landed."

Slash FilmSlash Film

"The Lost King makes (an) archeological miracle royally dull."


"Its self-congratulatory crusade to restore its subject’s reputation has... distorted reality to the point that it borders on farce."



"It’s all nice enough, yet it feels very low stakes."

Time OutTime Out

"Whatever the accuracy of it, this is an engaging feel-good picture..."

Daily MailDaily Mail

"(The Lost King) can’t always locate the dramatic pulse of events, or crack the problem of a story visually rooted in a rectangle of tarmac."

Financial TimesFinancial Times

"Sally Hawkins’ spirited, humane performance helps overcome a slight lack of dramatic tension."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"Flawed but compelling..."

The TelegraphThe Telegraph

"The script, which offers few surprises but plenty of comfort, moves along at a nice clip..."

Vanity FairVanity Fair

"It plods along, entirely free from intrigue or tension..."

The TimesThe Times

"It’s hard to imagine that the real story isn’t far more interesting than the one that we’re being presented."


"A warm, wryly amusing account of a real-life story..."

Screen DailyScreen Daily

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M, Coarse language
Drama, True Story & Biography
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