Scarface (1983)

Scarface (1983)


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Al Pacino is Tony Montana the Brian De Palma-directed, Oliver Stone-scripted crime classic. Montana is a Marielito freed from Fidel Castro's jails and sent to Florida along with the political prisoners taken in by the Carter administration. After a harrowing introduction to the US coke business he makes his way swiftly up the crime ladder, ruthlessly squashing anyone who dares to stand in his way.

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I rewatched this movie recently on Netflix, and I have to say, I forgot how much I love this movie. Al Pacino's character, even with the bad Cuban accent is hilarious. His good-looking partner in crime also had some amazing scenes (picking up American girls...)! What a great film, fantastic re-watchability.

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  • Scarface is one of those special movies, like "The Godfather," that is willing to take a flawed, evil man and allow him to be human. Full Review

  • Perfomances are excellent, and despite its moralistic conclusion, the film has since become de rigueur viewing for crack barons, who know a good shoot-em-up when they see one. Full Review

  • Scarface is the most stylish and provocative - and maybe the most vicious - serious film about the American underworld since Francis Ford Coppola's "Godfather." Full Review

  • It is a serious, often hilarious peek under the rock where nightmares strut in $800 suits and Armageddon lies around the next twist of treason. Full Review

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