Les Misérables (2012)

158 mins
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Oscar-winning director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) brings the epic stage musical to the big screen with stars Hugh Jackman,... More

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Les Misérables (2012) | Ratings & Reviews

"This version of Les Miserables is better than anyone dared to dream."


"Like being trapped in Disney jail with the kids from Fame. For five consecutive life sentences."

Little White LiesLittle White Lies

"While Anne Hathaway avoided food in preparing for this film, she compensated for her dietary restriction by chewing the scenery with uncontrolled gusto."

Film ThreatFilm Threat

"No one expects gutsy filmmaking in a musical. But that's just what... Tom Hooper delivers in Les Misérables."

Rolling StoneRolling Stone

"A productive experiment, an epic-scaled weepie, an exercise in sincere kitsch, and, perhaps too easily dismissed, a rare modern movie about the wretched poor..."

The Globe and MailThe Globe and Mail

"The squalor and upheaval of early 19th-century France are conveyed with a vividness that would have made Victor Hugo proud, heightened by the raw, hungry intensity of the actors' live oncamera vocals."


"Will send the devoted home happy and likely demonstrate to the few uninitiated what all the fuss is about."

Total FilmTotal Film

"By the grand finale, when tout le monde is waving the French tricolor in victory, you may instead be raising the white flag in exhausted defeat."

The New York TimesThe New York Times

"By the end, you feel like a piñata on the dancefloor: empty, in bits, the victim of prolonged assault by killer pipes."

The GuardianThe Guardian

"You can walk into the theater as an agnostic, but you may just leave singing with the choir."

Los Angeles TimesLos Angeles Times

"There are large, emotionally susceptible segments of the population ready to swallow this sort of thing, but that doesn't mean it's good."

Hollywood ReporterHollywood Reporter

"Occasionally, like its characters, ragged around the edges, this nevertheless rings with all the emotion and power of the source and provides a new model for the movie musical."

Empire MagazineEmpire Magazine

"Jackman is performing in a drama, Crowe on his concert stage, and Hathaway alone in her room. It's a collection of performances rather than a story."

A.V. ClubA.V. Club

Les Misérables (2012) | Details

Award winner
Best Supporting Actress for Hathaway, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Sound Mixing at the 2013 Academy Awards. Best Picture (Comedy or Musical), Best Actor (Comedy or Musical) for Jackman and Best Supporting Actress for Hathaway at the Golden Globes 2013. Best Supporting Actress and Best Production Design, BAFTA Awards 2013.
M, for suggestive and sexual material, violence and thematic elements
Drama, Musical
Country of origin