Evan Almighty

Evan Almighty


Steve Carell - who played the news anchor in the Jim Carrey starring Bruce Almighty - takes leading man duties as Evan in this sequel. No longer reading the news in small town Buffalo, he’s a Congressman in Washington who’s tasked by God (Morgan Freeman) with building an ark to save the world’s animals from an impending flood.

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This movie has to be given credit for making both guano an offensive weapon and saying something about anti commercialism - razor purveyors must really hate it! I loved the incongruity of the settings and the characters, including the animlas which 'acted' as foils to the delightfully sardonic Morgan freeman as 'god' and the main character - what was his name again! Oh, YES Steve Carrel...? I believe (!) he did a better more believable male in distress in Little Miss Sunshine, however.

jokes are repetitive and funny only the first time.
Ehe ending was a total time waster it was so crap it was funny.

The shorts for this film have been playing for months & all the funny bits in the movie were shown then.. i needn't have bothered to buy a movie ticket. there are a few laughs but its the same old joke over & over. Having loved the original Bruce Almighty this movie is a let down in a big way. Hire it on DVD if you must.

If you have no expectations you won't be disappointed. Although not overly complex, the simple plot and obvious jokes effectively convey the underlying values in a good hearted manner.

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  • BBC

    It's evident early on that writer Steve Oedekerk (who scripted the original) is short on ideas. He takes one mildly amusing skit, like Evan being stalked by animal twosomes, and plays it over and over again. Then there's the one where Evan wakes up with a shaggy Noah-style beard which immediately grows back after shaving... Thankfully, Carell's hapless puppy dog charm makes him immediately sympathetic and he possesses the comic timing to put a much-needed spin on an obvious joke... Full Review

  • Carell is lovable as God's unwilling disciple. But the comedy is less than divine... Full Review

  • The film wraps up in a neat, environmentally friendly package that might keep some kids entertained but will leave adults yawning... Full Review

  • It's Carell who projects the movie's only sense of mischief. But it's too little and too late... Full Review

  • Carell is getting quite good as these everyman characters but lacks the audacity of, say, a Carrey or a Robin Williams. He is making comedy out of dullness... Full Review

  • It marks an unfortunate low point in the history of recent American comedy. There goes Steve Carell's perfect game... Full Review