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The iconic '90s animated series based on the Marvel comic series centred on a home and school for mutants with... More

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X-Men: Season 1 is available to stream in Australia now... More on Disney+.

X-Men: Season 1 episodes

Episode 1.1

Night of the Sentinels (1)

A young teenager has been rejecting her mutant powers ever... More since she discovered them. But when giant robots track her down, it's up to the X-Men to save her.

Episode 1.2

Night of the Sentinels (2)

Breaking into the Mutant Control Agency's headquarters to destroy the... More registration files on mutants, the X-Men lose two of their members against the Sentinels, but eventually gain another.

Episode 1.3

Enter Magneto

As the Beast faces an arraignment in court before a... More mutant-hating public, the X-Men unwillingly take in an old enemy of Wolverine's. Magneto, an old friend turned enemy of Professor Xavier's, attacks a military base in an attempt to unite mutants against humanity.

Episode 1.4

Deadly Reunions

Magneto & Professor Xavier come face to face for the... More first time in years amid an exploding factory, while Sabretooth & Wolverine face off in the mansion.


Captive Hearts

Wolverine must overcome his feelings for Jean, and Storm must... More overcome her crippling claustrophobia, when the team journeys into the sewer to rescue Jean Grey & Cyclops from a race of hideously deformed mutants known as Morlocks, and their leader Callisto, who wants to make Scott her king.


Cold Vengeance

Having left the X-Men to seek peace in the arctic,... More Wolverine instead finds himself battling Sabretooth for the safety of an Inuit tribe. Storm, Gambit, and Jubilee investigate an island resort which welcomes mutants, and might be too good to be true.


Slave Island

Gambit, Storm, and Jubilee become slave labor on the island... More resort of Genosha, along with other mutants, forced to help build the new power source for a Sentinel factory. They're given aide in escaping by a mysterious mercenary named Cable.


The Unstoppable Juggernaut

The X-Men return from Genosha, finding the home destroyed, and... More Professor Xavier missing. They suspect a super-strong Russian mutant named Colossus, but the real culprit turns out to be someone more human, far tougher, and with deeper ties to the Professor.


The Cure

Rogue seeks a scientist who claims to be able to... More "cure" any mutant of their powers, unaware that neither he, nor his process, are what they appear to be.


Come the Apocalypse

An ancient and immensely powerful mutant, known as Apocalypse, creates... More four Horsemen to help usher in a new world where survival of the fittest reigns.


Days of Future Past (1)

A mutant from more than half a century into the... More future, named Bishop, arrives in the present, attempting to change history for the better, by stopping an X-Man from committing an assassination. But between being chased by a future breed of Sentinel, and the details of his mission being fuzzy, he's got his work cut out for him.


Days of Future Past (2)

Aware of an impending assassination which will create a catastrophic... More future, the X-Men must deal with threats both outside and within their team.


The Final Decision

Prominent anti-mutant and presidential hopeful Senator Kelly is caught in... More a tug-of-war between Magneto's goal of mutant superiority, the X-Men's dream of peaceful co-existance between mutants and humans, and the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots' goals of global domination.

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